New Kosher BBQ in Brooklyn

The meat pays homage to various indigenous barbecue cultures — as influenced by the global Jewish diaspora, according to the owners.

WATCH: Amy Schumer, Jeffrey Tambor and Larry David Say ‘F— You’ to 2016

Oh hey, 2016. A-list celebrities and folks on the street have a few choice words for you.

Stop Blaming Bourgeois Feminism For Trump

There’s something especially absurd about blaming Clinton’s loss on “white feminism,” when most white women didn’t vote for her.

POEM: A Single Woman Argues with Ecclesiastes

Here, I have no counter-argument. I simply—singly—hope for the best.

Emmy Rossum Fights Back Against Anti-Semitic Trolls

Emmy Rossum is shining a light on anti-Semitic internet trolls.

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