Jeweled Rice Pudding for Breakfast

Inspired by the savory jeweled rice dishes eaten by Persian Jews, this recipe tops rice pudding with a rainbow of dried fruit, nuts and spices.

How the All-American Nose Job Got a Makeover

Once upon a time, the nose job was a peculiarly Jewish rite of passage, celebrated and satirized in equal measure. These days, people are still getting nose jobs, but on their own terms. Naomi Zeveloff traces the evolution of rhinoplasty.


Israeli Company Channels Charles River Into New Beer

Desalitech, an Israeli-founded water purification company, has channeled the once-polluted Charles River in Boston into a limited edition brew for Harpoon Brewery.

Gego Draws a Line at the Holocaust

Gego’s exhibit “Autobiography of a Line” reveals eerily beautiful sculptures reminiscent of the Holocaust and the artist’s past.

Our Lives With (and Without) Chantal Akerman

For thirty years, filmmaker Henry Bean and his wife were friends with the filmmaker Chantal Akerman. In light of her apparent suicide, Bean recalls Akerman’s genius and her legacy.

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