Race to Front? Benjamin Netanyahu links arms with leaders at Paris anti-terror march. Did the Israeli leader’s aides shove him into the front row for photos to be beamed worldwide?

Benjamin Netanyahu Rebuked by Rabbi for French Emigration Plea

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to ruffle a few feathers while taking part in the “Charlie Hebdo” rally in Paris on Sunday, an event his office initially said he would not be attending for security reasons.

The Dean of Women Drummers

Mindy Abovitz is the editor of Tom Tom, the ‘only magazine dedicated to female drummers.’ She talked to us about starting a print mag, and why the drums are thought to be a masculine instrument.

Fine Town: Milwaukee was a diverse, thriving and tolerant city when Jack Nusan Porter was a child in the 1950s.

Why Wisconsin Was a Great State To Grow Up Jewish

Jack Nusan Porter arrived in America in 1946 as a baby son of poor immigrants. In Wisconsin, he found prosperity, tolerance — and a great state to grow up Jewish.

A Borscht to Beat Winter’s Bite

Food editor Liza Schoenfein woke up on a single-digit-degree day with an unquenchable yen for a hearty, meaty beef borscht. The one she came up with is pure vigor in a bowl.

Polar Vortex Beef Borscht

The key to this dish is the balance of flavors: sweet beets and honey; sour vinegar; mellow, savory meat; and earthy root vegetables, all brought together through low, slow cooking.