The Novel France Can't Put Down Depicts Muslim Future — Or Does It?

Michel Houellebecq’s ‘Soumission’ depicts France after Muslims take over. But Robert Zaretsky asks if the book is really a morality play on the nation’s unsavory past.


Pol Admits Sext Affair With Anthony Weiner's Online Pal

You thought it was safe to Google ‘Carlos Danger’? Think again — another pol is admitting an Anthony Weiner-style sext affair with the disgraced ex-Congressman’s online gal pal.

Will Ben and Jerry's Next Ice Cream Flavor Be Pot?

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream comes in a lot of flavors. With more and more states decriminalizing marijuana, could pot soon be one of them?


Pulpit Plus One: Being 'Present and Pleasant'

‘Pulpit Plus One’ interviews Dana, the wife of a rabbi in a seven-hundred-family Conservative synagogue, on growing up Reform, Shabbat hosting expectations and the term ‘rebbetzin.’


Canadian Lawmaker Cites Holocaust in Debate Over Hate Speech Crackdown

A Canadian cabinet minister took the unusual step on Tuesday of citing the Holocaust as a reason Parliament should approve a tough new security bill, a sign of the increasingly bitter debate over the proposed law.

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