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Vegetables Are the New Bacon at Dirt Candy

Amanda Cohen, the owner of New York’s Dirt Candy, talks about her favorite Jewish food memories and how vegetables may just be the new bacon.

Israel Says Gaza 'Ceasefire Not Near' as Carnage Mounts and Airlines Halt Flights

Israel pounded targets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, saying no ceasefire was near as top U.S. and U.N. diplomats pursued talks on halting fighting that has claimed more than 500 lives.

Oron Shaul

Israel Says Missing Soldier Is Dead — Not Captive — as Gaza Fighting Rages

Israel pounded targets across the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, dashing hopes of a pause in the fighting, as the military said one of its soldiers was missing, presumed dead, following clashes with Hamas Islamists.

Actually, Toto, We Are Still In Kansas

Mission Hills is a privileged Kansas community complete with choice of country clubs. Sophie Unterman writes about growing up a misfit there in the latest of Our Promised Lands series.

Holding Firm To Principles: Despite the fact that her father remains hospitalized, Fania Oz-Salzberger (left) says Amos Oz still opposes the ground invasion of Gaza.

Why Amos Oz, Israeli Author and Peace Activist, Can't Hide From Rockets of Gaza

Amos Oz —  noted Israeli author and peace activist — is hospitalized and cannot take shelter from Gaza rockets. Fania Oz-Salzberger discusses her father’s disturbing predicament.

8 Things About Jews In Kansas

8 Facts You Might Not Know About Jews In Kansas