The True Story of How Nazis Invented the Space Program

The importance of military support has been at the heart of modern rocket science since its beginnings. Amy Shira Teitel traces how space flight all started with German scientists like Wernher Von Braun.


Who Were the First Jewish Settlers in the Oregon Frontier?

A new documentary explores the life of the first Jewish settlers in the the Oregon frontier.


Remembering Lord George Weidenfeld — Philanthropist and Friend of Israel

The first time I was introduced to British publisher Lord George Weidenfeld — who died at 96 on January 21, 2016 in London — was at the November 22, 1998 American Friends of Ben Gurion University in the Negev Dinner at the Hotel Pierre at which BGU president Avishay Braverman declared: “We work with the Palestinians, the Jordanians, the Moroccans and the Tunisians …and one day we will work with the Syrians.”

How I Relieved Myself Through Prayer

Is saying the “Asher Yatzar,” also known as the after-bathroom blessing a sign of being overly religious? For Ruchama Feuerman, the prayer may seem a bit frummy, but it has also provided welcome relief.


Why Collectors of 'Antisemitica' Aren't Always Anti-Semites

Postcards of hook-nosed Jews. Crude Jewish dolls, figurines and puppets. Daniel Grant tries to discover who’s out there collecting this so-called ‘antisemitica.’ It’s not always who you’d think.

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