Why Gloria Steinem Thinks Judaism Should Dump Patriarchy

Gloria Steinem tells us what she thinks are the challenges and opportunities facing Jewish women — and when she feels anti-Semitism most profoundly.


How Hitler Changed The Bible — and Why It Still Matters in Donald Trump’s America

Adolf Hitler and his followers transformed the Bible and language itself. Are Donald Trump and his ilk doing the same thing today?


Secret Tel Aviv Reactions to Missing the Supermoon Once Again Prove Israelis Are Way Cooler Than Us

Some Israelis were able to get beautiful, clear shots of the moon looking its best. My favorite reactions, however, came from some Israelis who took to the popular Facebook group Secret Tel Aviv.

Remembering Yaffa Eliach—Holocaust Memorialist Extraordinaire

Yaffa Eliach—Holocaust survivor and professor who died on November 8 at seventy-nine—was a unique Holocaust memorialist.

Ivanka Trump Uses Dad’s Presidential Win to Promote Her Brand

Shortly after Ivanka Trump appeared on 60 Minutes alongside her father to discuss his presidential win, select style reporters received an email suggesting that they write about the $10,800 bracelet she wore.

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