How 'Star Wars' Became America's Talmud [SPOILER ALERT!]

“The Force Awakens” is a talmudic film, endlessly haunted by and commenting on its mythic past. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a masterpiece. Jay Michaelson highlights the film’s triumphs and its revelations.


7 Things Miriam Adelson Does — Besides Back Republicans

Miriam Adelson and her husband, Sheldon, reportedly are at odds over which Republican presidential candidate deserves backing.


Five Events in 2015 That Changed Jewish Women

It’s been a big year for Jewish women. From Sheryl Sandberg to the Rabbinical Council of America, Sisterhood editor Sarah Breger examines five events that impacted women in 2015.

What Hasidic Jews Do — and Don't Do — on Christmas Eve

Christmas is a day like any other in most Hasidic neighborhoods in New York: Children go to school, shops are open, and tinsel and holly are nowhere to be seen.

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