The Dean of Women Drummers

Mindy Abovitz is the editor of Tom Tom, the ‘only magazine dedicated to female drummers.’ She talked to us about starting a print mag, and why the drums are thought to be a masculine instrument.

Polar Vortex Beef Borscht

The key to this dish is the balance of flavors: sweet beets and honey; sour vinegar; mellow, savory meat; and earthy root vegetables, all brought together through low, slow cooking.

Jewish Stars Wow in Red on Golden Globes Red Carpet

Red was the color for Jewish stars at the Golden Globes ceremony. From Julianna Margulies to Lena Dunham, we round up the night’s best — and most questionable — fashion choices.

Israel Expects 50% Surge in Immigration by French Jews

Israel expects the number of French Jews moving there this year, which was already predicted to rise sharply from 2014’s record level, to accelerate further after the killings at a Paris kosher grocery, a senior official said on Sunday.