WATCH: Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s Epic Musical Plea to Undecided Voters

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert just joined the ranks of Rachel Bloom’s amazing “HOLY SH*T! You’ve Got to Vote” video and Lena Dunham’s “Sensual Pantsuit Anthem,” with an epic ditty of their own.

Orthodox Papers Feud Over Using Image of Hillary Clinton

After one haredi Orthodox newspaper printed a photo of Hillary Clinton, a rival haredi paper accused it of breaking Jewish law.

How a Troubadour Daniel Toledano Is Reconnecting With His Sephardic Heritage

Jewish tourism is thriving in Toledo, Spain. And a rock singer named Daniel Toledano is using a Ladino repertoire to reconnect with his heritage.

Men Ask the Important Questions: Is Hillary Hot Enough, or Too Hot, to be President?

There’s remarkably little relationship between which women get a ‘you’re so ugly, you don’t matter’ and which get an unsolicited ‘I’d hit that.’


7 Funny Jewish Moments That Will Make Your Election Anxiety Go Away

At this point, there’s nothing really funny about this election cycle. But there are a few topical gems that we thought were worth sharing—guaranteed for a smile or two.

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