Viewing the World Through Chicken Goggles

History is written by the victor so Bill Gates saying he’d raise chickens made the world listen. Not so clear we are listening to Meg O’Day — an award-winning hen from 1956-1957 who is stuffed and on display in a new exhibit.

Tippling Through the Torah

A boozy, parsha-themed blog operates on the premise that the weekly Torah portion can best be appreciated when accompanied by a round or two.

Clouds and Fire (Num 9:16)

Camp out on a barstool and remember, no moving unless you’re following that whipped cream cloud across a desert.

Jewish Authors On Longlist for First Novel Award

Some soon-to-be-familiar Jewish names cropped up on the Center for Fiction’s Longlist for its 2016 First Novel Prize.

9 Jewish Facts About the Planet Jupiter

With the arrival of the first pictures of Jupiter from the spacecraft Juno, we present seven little-known (or at least under-appreciated) facts about the planet.

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