7 Best Jewish Bromances of All Time

Jewish buddy stories are having a moment, but what are they anyway? We did our best to trace the genre’s evolution over 50 years — something you can debate with your buddies.


Urban Outfitters Sells Holocaust-Inspired Item — Again

The Anti-Defamation League has urged Urban Outfitters to stop selling a tapestry with a design resembling the uniform that gay male prisoners were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps.


Ben Stiller Wants to Bring 'Super Sad True Love Story' To TV

Looks like Ben Stiller wants to bring Gary Shteyngart’s ‘Super Sad True Love Story’ to a TV (or computer screen) near you. We can’t imagine a better duo.


Is 'Gett' a Realistic Portrayal of Israeli Divorce?

Does ‘Gett,’ the award-winning film chronicling a divorce case in Israel, accurately portray the closed-door proceedings? Rabbinical Court advocate Rachel Levmore says yes.


Benjamin Netanyahu Insists Congress Speech Is On

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, fending off criticism at home and abroad, said on Tuesday he remained determined to speak before the U.S. Congress next month on Iran’s nuclear program.

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