The Secret Jewish History of James Taylor

James Taylor, whose most recent album topped the Billboard charts, has had a number of Jewish musical pals who have contributed to his music — starting with Carole King.



This past week, news of a stabbing attack on marchers in Jerusalem’s Gay Pride parade, which left 16-year-old Shira Banki dead, and an arson attack that killed Palestinian toddler Ali Dawabsha, circulated through news and social media channels in Israel and abroad. The following poem by the Israeli poet Eli Eliahu appeared on his public Facebook page on August 1. Eliahu has described his poetry as “a documentation of the struggle of the individual against [the] background” of “a very stressed, crowded, violent and noisy country.” While his poem “Alibi” clearly addresses recent events, Eliahu’s interweaving of Biblical texts, specifically Proverbs 10:12 and Deuteronomy 21:7, contextualizes this poem in an ongoing conversation on violence and responsibility in Jewish culture and Israeli society. — Adriana X. Jacobs

A 16th-Century Dutch Artist's NSFW Take on Biblical Women

An new exhibit displays the 16th-century Dutch painter Joachim Wtewael’s obsession with depicting the erotic nature of the nude female form - particularly the biblical ones.


This Family Loves Basketball, Shabbat and Stephen Colbert

Rabbi Ron Fish and his family recently made the move to Sharon, a suburb of Boston. They love basketball, celebrating Shabbat — and Stephen Colbert.


Chubby Chickpea Kosher No More

After almost two years under kosher supervision, Boston’s first kosher food truck determined that its base does not require kosher food.

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