Yoav Hattab

Supermarket Victim Yoav Hattab Recently Returned from Birthright Trip

Yoav Hattab, one of the victims of last week’s Paris kosher supermarket shooting, recently returned from a Birthright Israel trip.

Nous Sommes Charlie: Demonstrators make their way along Place de la Republique during a mass unity rally following the recent terrorist attacks in Paris.

At Least 3.7 Million March in France To Honor Attack Victims

At least 3.7 million people demonstrated in France on Sunday to honor the victims of Islamist attacks last week, the Interior Ministry said.

Shuttered: The Grand Synagogue of Paris was closed during Friday’s terror attacks and did not reopen for Shabbat services, marking the first time the synagogue has not held services since World War II.

French Jewish Sites Promised Extra Protection

Jewish schools and synagogues in France have been promised extra protection — by the army if necessary — after killings by Islamic militants in Paris.

Revivalists: The task of reclaiming Jewish history in Poland is largely undertaken by non-Jews, such as these high school students participating in a program run by the Forum for Dialogue in Radom (from left), Kasia Dolega, Agata Filipczak and Martyna Sliwinska.

Polish Students Honored for Exploring History of Jewish Towns

Some 1,200 Polish students and teachers took part in the concluding program of the School of Dialogue, which explores the history of Jewish towns in the country.

Gun from Paris Supermarket Siege Linked With Jogger Shooting 2 Days Earlier

Bullet cases found at the site where a jogger was shot and wounded on Wednesday evening match the gun found at the scene of a fatal shooting in a supermarket east Paris two days later.