Benjamin Netanyahu Will Decide This Week on Snap Election

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will decide in the next few days whether he can heal his fractured coalition government or call an early election, one of his advisers said on Monday.

A Lost World in an Old Box of Film

In 2009, writer Glenn Kurtz was sifting through a closet in his parent’s Florida home when he discovered a mysterious reel of 16mm Kodachrome color film.

Toronto's New Schmaltz Appetizing Is Modeled on the Classics

Smoked herring from Quebec, salmon from New Brunswick and sturgeon from Canada’s east coast are just some of the delicacies on offer at Toronto’s newest appetizing shop.

Games Authors Play: Author Kingsley Amis plays chess with his sons Martin and Philip.

Some of Martin Amis's Best Friends Are Jews. Really.

Martin Amis’s publishers in Europe cited ‘lack of literary merit’ for dumping his new Holocaust novel. But Yevgeniya Traps writes that’s not the real problem with ‘The Zone of Interest.’

Hundreds Rally Against 'Jewish State' Bill

Hundreds of Israelis protested in Jerusalem against the nation-state bill enshrining Israel’s status as a Jewish state.