White Women Helped Elect Trump. How Should White Jewish Women React?

I suppose I’d find it reassuring, living in this racist (more racist than many but not all had imagined) society, to think that yes, I’m facing these election results As A White Woman.


This Jewish Woman Created the Infamous #TrumpCake (and a Clinton One Too!)

When a sad looking cake in the likeness of Donald Trump’s face was snapped being wheeled into Trump Tower yesterday afternoon, the internet had a field day.

My Mother Dreamed Of Being President, And JFK Responded

When my mother was 8, she wrote to President Kennedy asking if women could be presidents. His secretary’s response will surprise you.

How Do I Feel Voting For a First Female President? Angry (and J’Accuse-y) that it Took So Long

Women are not a marginalized minority. We’re a marginalized half of the population.


This is What Chelsea Clinton Had to Say About Her Friendship with Ivanka Trump

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are on a break.

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