POEM: A Single Woman Argues with Ecclesiastes

Here, I have no counter-argument. I simply—singly—hope for the best.

Emmy Rossum Fights Back Against Anti-Semitic Trolls

Emmy Rossum is shining a light on anti-Semitic internet trolls.


How 5 Jewish Artists Paid Tribute to the Late Leon Russell

Singer, songwriter and keyboardist Leon Russell has died at the age of 74. Many great Jewish artists covered his music including Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond and Amy Winehouse.


8 Of The Most Moving Responses To Leonard Cohen’s Death

Leonard Cohen’s death has elicited tributes from fans and friends alike. These are the eight that moved us most profoundly.

Why We Mourn Leonard Cohen in the Era of Trump

The late Leonard Cohen was the most Jewish bard of the 20th Century. In the current political climate, we need his music and poetry more than ever.

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