Israeli Media's Sexist Election Coverage

Israeli women may be at the apex of their political power, but says Tiki Krakowski, the media’s sexism toward female politicians remains the same.


Barack Obama Defends Decision Not To Meet With Benjamin Netanyahu

President Barack Obama on Monday defended his decision not to meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during his upcoming Washington visit as following basic protocol of not meeting with world leaders just weeks before an election.


Britain Must Take 'Immediate Action' to Quash Anti-Semitism, Report States

Instituting measures to deal with hate crimes on social media and a government fund to protect synagogues are among 35 recommendations offered by a British parliamentary inquiry into rising anti-Semitism.


Benjamin Netanyahu Mulls Backing Down on Speech to Republican Congress

Israeli officials are considering amending the format of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned address to the U.S. Congress next month to try to calm some of the partisan furore the Iran-focused speech has provoked.


Israeli Candidates Stump for 'Caviar Vote' After Lieberman Party Corruption Scandal

In this seaside city once ruled by the Greeks and Phoenicians but now largely populated by Russians, the talk in the caviar-stocked delis and jewelry stores is of upcoming elections and Israel’s powerful Russian vote.

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