Bean Salad Over Couscous

This bean salad requires relatively little prep and cooking time, so it’s a perfect meatless meal for a weeknight.

Diners, Iran and Jews, with Chuck Schumer

MSNBC took Senator Chuck Schumer out for breakfast to talk about the Iran deal. But Jon Stewart points out that the choice of venue, a diner, was a rookie mistake.

Is Orthodox World Really To Blame for Faigy Mayer's Suicide?

Faigy Mayer is not the only ex-Hasidic person to struggle with personal demons. Allison Kaplan Sommer asks if its fair to blame her family or the ultra-Orthodox community for her suicide.


6 Artists You Didn't Know Used Yiddish, From Elvis to Public Enemy

Yiddish in a Public Enemy album? You better believe it. Whether they know it or not, popular musicians have a long history of using Yiddish idioms in their songs. We’ve got the list here.

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