Personal Essay Explores Secret Jewish History Of Smurfette

What changes when a “brunette” is coded Jewish? Turns out, quite a bit.

This Passover-Themed Nail Art Is All You Need For Seder

There’s ten new terrifying plagues this Passover — and they’re all in the form of cute, nail art.

How Chuck Barris Turned Jewish Anxiety Into A Multimillion Dollar Industry

Chuck Barris, creator of “The Gong Show” and “The Dating Game” has died at 87. He leaves behind a career of turning humiliation into hilarity.

Bob Dylan Reveals Love For Amy Winehouse, ‘I Love Lucy,’ And — Possibly — Kabbalah

Woe to the soul who dares to assume they can make sense of Bob Dylan.

The New York Times Has A New Theater Critic — But What Does He Think Of Arthur Miller?

Today, The New York Times announced that its new co-chief theater critic would be Jesse Green, currently of New York Magazine.

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