A Song of Love and Memory for Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen turns 80 this weekend. Ezra Glinter takes a long look back at the songwriter’s storied career, from the cocky young poet to the old guy in a fedora feeding pigeons in Montreal.

How ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Flips the Romance Script

That the show is a musical frees the story from the usual realism constraints. Once we’re in a land where people randomly break into song, we’re primed to be less judgmental of the show’s premise.

After Delays, Masbia Soup Kitchen in Boro Park Opens Doors

After prominent rabbis affixed a mezuzah at the front door of the Boro Park branch of Masbia, the soup kitchen finally opened its doors Wednesday and began serving meals.

How to Dress to Show Your Disapproval of Donald Trump

The aim isn’t signaling a knowledge of whichever social-justice terminology and a finessed sense of when it is and isn’t OK for a white novelist to write a non-white character. It’s signaling that you consider Muslims, Mexicans, and others to be human beings.

When Leonard Cohen Crooned for Israel in Its Darkest Hour

It wasn’t only that his sad and beautiful lyrics resonated so strongly with them. And it wasn’t only because he was a fellow member of the tribe. Leonard Cohen, who died on Friday at the age of 82, has long held a special place in the hearts of Israelis, thanks in large parts to his extraordinary act of solidarity during one of their darkest moments. 

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