Finding Connectedness Through Food at Haven’s Kitchen

Living well, eating sustainably and finding a connection to food are all part of Alison Cayne’s mission at her aptly named eatery, Haven’s Kitchen.

In Ultimate Twist of Irony, Someone Uploads The Fat Jew's Book to Twitter

The Fat Jew, meet Karma. Karma, meet The Fat Jew.

Can the Museum of Jewish Heritage Survive?

The Museum of Jewish Heritage in Lower Manhattan boasts incredible views and an intriguing dual focus on Jewish history and the Holocaust. But it has been struggling of late. Britta Lokting tries to figure out why.


Mark Zuckerberg Shares Adorable Annie Leibovitz Photo of Pregnant Wife

Mark Zuckerberg has posted a photo of pregnant wife Priscilla Chan that makes us wish Facebook had a double ‘like’ function.

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