A Lost World in an Old Box of Film

In 2009, writer Glenn Kurtz was sifting through a closet in his parent’s Florida home when he discovered a mysterious reel of 16mm Kodachrome color film.

Hundreds Rally Against 'Jewish State' Bill

Hundreds of Israelis protested in Jerusalem against the nation-state bill enshrining Israel’s status as a Jewish state.

3 Charged With Plotting Temple Mount Attack

Three Palestinian men were indicted for planning to attack activist Yehuda Glick and right-wing lawmaker Moshe Feiglin during a visit to the Temple Mount.

Knesset Bill Funds Druze and Circassian Communities

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will submit a plan to the Knesset for significant investments in the Arab Druze and Muslim Circassian communities.

An Indian-Jewish Homecoming at NYC’s Haldi

With delight and just a dash of guilt, Sigal Samuel experiences the spicy tastes of her childhood at Haldi, a new Indian-Jewish Curry Hill eatery.