Michael Twitty, Black Jewish Foodie, Talks 'Culinary Justice'

Michael Twitty is black, Jewish and a self-described historian of food. He traces the links between his grandmother’s soul food — and ours.

Pioneers: A Jewish couple opened North Dakota’s first McDonald’s in 1968.

6 Things About Jewish North Dakota

Did you know North Dokata has a Jewish pioneer cemetery and a McDonald’s run by Jews? Here are six surprising things about the Peace Garden State.

Molly Antopol

Few Bright Spots for Jewish Books in 2014

The Jewish community needs books that don’t confirm what we already believe. Joshua Furst has some suggestions to liven things up after a bad 2014.

Israel Bombs Gaza Base After Mortar Attack

Israeli aircraft bombed a Hamas militant base in the Gaza Strip on Friday for the first time since the end of a war in the territory, in response to a rocket that militants launched earlier in the day, the army said.

Controversial: One of Theater J’s disputed productions was 2011’s ‘Return to Haifa,’ which critics claimed took an anti-Israel approach.

Theater J's Ari Roth Knew Days Were Numbered After Feuds Over Israel

Ari Roth knew he wouldn’t stay as director of Washington’s acclaimed Theater J after a series of disputes, many over Israel. But he was still shocked at how suddenly the ax fell.