In ‘Beauty And The Beast,’ Josh Gad Plays Disney’s First Openly Gay Character

When Disney’s much-anticipated live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast” hits theaters on March 17th, it will feature the production powerhouse’s first openly gay character.

Daphne Merkin Reports From the Front Lines of Depression

Some voids can never be truly filled. That’s one of the hard lessons Daphne Merkin teachers in “This Close to Happy,” a memoir of depression.

David Mamet Finds God, Still Searches For Inspiration

David Mamet’s “The Penitent” is a provocative and spiritual tale of a psychiatrist and a mass shooter. But is it any good? Well…

Holocaust Scholar Threatened With Deportation Asks ‘Is The United States Still The United States?’

After what he described as a “random check” by Customs and Border Protection, Rousso was detained at the airport for 10 hours and threatened with deportation.

How Can Such An Unpopular President Deliver Such Popular Sentences?

Though Donald Trump has a 48 percent disapproval rating, the public strongly approves of the sentences he utters. What’s up with that?

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