Digging Into Jewish Food With Wandering Chew

A pair of Canadian fressers is straying all over the Semitic map to bring the many flavors of the Jewish world to Montreal through a series of pop-up dinners.

Major UK Grant Will Unearth Forgotten Music

A major international research arts project, ‘Performing the Jewish Archive,’ has been awarded a grant of just over £1.5 million by the Arts and Humanities Research Council in the UK.

Why I’m Paying $120 To See Rush

The Canadian band Rush’s take on rock and roll isn’t for everyone. It that because the band has an outsider’s story, an immigrant story, and a Jewish story?


Hamantaschen Plus Math Equals Mathmataschen!

When it dawned on Debs Gardner that the world was incomplete without a Sierpinski hamantaschen, she set out to create the self-repeating fractal in cookie form.

Do We Focus Too Much on Auschwitz?

Is the emphasis placed on Auschwitz skewed the way we understand the Holocaust? One British author explains why the death camp can be misleading metaphor for the Shoah.

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