WATCH: Susan Sontag's Panned and Banned Israel Documentary

Shortly after the Yom Kippur War, Susan Sontag travelled to Israel to make a documentary titled “Promised Lands.” The film was panned by critics and, for a time, banned in Israel itself.

When Charlie Hebdo Lampooned Jews Too

Charlie Hebdo didn’t just target Islam. In fact, the satirical magazine thumbed its nose at everyone in France — Jews included.

Cultural Historian: At the time of his death, Bercovitch was working on a project entitled, “Ashkenazi Renaissance; 1881-1941.”

Sacvan Bercovitch, Acclaimed Scholar and Translator of Sholem Aleichem, Dies at 81

Montreal-born Sacvan Bercovitch was raised in a Yiddish-speaking household and went on to become on of our leading cultural historians and translators. Benjamin Ivry remembers the scholar and author of ‘American Jeremiad.’

Jewish Cartoonist Georges Wolinski Among the Dead in Paris Terrorist Attack

The terrorist attack in Paris took the life of French-Jewish cartoonist Georges Wolinski who was the subject of the 2012 memoir ‘George, If You Only Knew.’

Transgender Woman Barred From Kotel — Both Sections

What do you do when, as a transgender woman, you’re denied access to both the women’s and men’s sections of the Kotel? That’s exactly what happened to Kay Long.