'McMansion' Man Gives Everyone a Raise

David Siegel is back in the news.

Palestinians inspect damage after home of Hussam Kawasmeh was destroyed by Israeli forces.

Kidnap Ringleader Gets Life in Killings of 3 Israeli Teens

An Israeli military court on Tuesday sentenced a Palestinian to life imprisonment over the killing of three Israeli youths, whose abduction in the occupied West Bank set off a chain of events leading to the 50-day Gaza war last summer.

Mimicking the GOP, Naftali Bennett's Lady-Themed Ad Is Not a Good Thing

You’re right Naftali Bennett. Never mind other issues that may concern the female electorate such as national security, or the economy. The only way to get through to us is to compare voting to dating.

Stephen Fry To Marry 27-Year-Old Comedian

The best British Jewish comedian you’ve only kind of heard of, Stephen Fry, is tying the knot with 27-year-old partner Elliott Spencer.