Should Baruch Spinoza Be Brought Back Into Jewish Fold — 350 Years Later?

More than 350 years after this city’s Portuguese Jewish community excommunicated Baruch Spinoza and banned his writings for eternity, the philosopher’s books are for sale at the souvenir shop of the community’s synagogue.


The Fight to Reclaim Islam

In “Islam and the Future of Tolerance,” Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz aim to have an honest discussion about Islam’s relationship with liberalism. But can they do it without alienating Muslims?


Poland Looks to Hollywood To Transform Wartime Image (and Shift Holocaust Narrative)

Poland’s new conservative rulers think their country faces an image problem abroad and they want Hollywood to help. Among other things, they want to alter the narrative when it comes to the Holocaust.


Pierre Birnbaum on the 'Israel-ization' of French Jews

Pierre Birnbaum, author of “The Anti-Semitic Moment” and “Jewish Identities” discusses the Israelization of French Jewry and his pessimism about the future.


Jon Stewart Dresses Up as Donald Trump

Jon Stewart may have left ‘The Daily Show’ before Donald Trump’s campaign got into its headline-stealing groove, but that doesn’t mean that the Jewish comedian can’t still take shots at the Donald.

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