Harold Prince Produced Broadway Musicals — Now He’s the Subject of One

Will the show earn Prince, the most decorated Tony Award-winner of all time, another nomination?

New Jewish Literary Journal Pays Tribute to Vilna Ghetto Heroes

What the original Paper Brigade did will astonish you.

Monica Lewinsky Thinks Internet Trolls, Not Donald Trump, Won Person of The Year

Monica Lewinsky thinks internet trolls are winning. Here’s how she says we can stop them.

Why Michael Chabon’s New Novel Made Me Gasp

Michael Chabon’s new novel isn’t a straightforward memoir. Or a postmodern trick bag. It’s more than either — though the less said about some of the sex stuff, the better.

Meet Rachel Chavkin, Director of Broadway Smash ‘The Comet’

Rachel Chavkin, director of “The Comet” talks Tolstoy, Judaism and what why there’s cause for hope in the art world in the Donald Trump era.

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