Fashion Mogul Ralph Lauren Steps Down, Names Successor

After 48 years, Ralph Lauren, the man behind the quintessential look of American fashion, is stepping down.

'Series of Unfortunate Events' Author Gives $1M to Planned Parenthood

Jewish author Daniel Handler and his wife, illustrator Lisa Brown announced their decision to donate a million dollars to Planned Parenthood via Twitter.


With Outsider's Wit, Trevor Noah Aims To Replace Jon Stewart's Jewish Shtick

Noah’s peculiarly South African brand of humor might seem an odd choice to replace Jon Stewart’s Jewish shtick on the Daily Show. But Noah’s outsider status as a mixed race South African has long helped him get yucks in his homeland - and that same perspective could make him a big hit across the pond.


The Costs of Women's Synagogue Participation

As women’s communal participation in holidays like Sukkot increases in some Orthodox circles, Shoshana Kordova worries about the effects this may have on her daughters’ attitude toward religion in the long run.


Hillary Clinton and Lena Dunham on College Debt, Salmon, and Lenny Kravitz’s Wardrobe Malfunction

What did we learn from Lena Dunham’s interview with Hillary Clinton? Well, for one thing, she really wants to see what Lenny Kravitz’s recent malfunction looks like.

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