Justin Bieber Hangs With L.A. Rabbi

Pop star Justin Bieber spent three hours meeting with a rabbi in Los Angeles. Apparently, the Biebz is on a “spiritual journey.”

Alan Dershowitz Talks Hamas, Terror and Abraham

Alan Dershowitz talks about Gaza, the terror at a Jerusalem synagogue, and a very, very famous client who has yet to pay his legal bill.

Diane Von Furstenberg's $12M Push To Restore Venice Ghetto

The world’s oldest ghetto is about to get a makeover. Jewish-German designer Diane von Furstenberg is launching a $12 million initiative to restore the 500-year-old Venice Ghetto.

How Mike Nichols Was Related to Everyone

What did Albert Einstein, Meryl Streep and Dr. Mehmet Oz have in common? Oscar-winning director Mike Nichols, who died today at age 83.

11 Greatest Mike Nichols Moments

Mike Nichols has passed away at the age of 83. The Forward pays tribute to 11 of the greatest moments in the director and comedian’s career.