Bess Myerson, the Bronx Beauty Who Refused To Change Her Name

Bess Myerson was a Bronx beauty and so much more. She made her mark by winning the Miss America pageant— and famously refusing to change her name to something less Jewish.

ICC Acknowledges Receiving Membership Request From Palestinians

The International Criminal Court acknowledged that it received a signed document stating that the Palestinian government accepted jurisdiction of the court.

Moshe Feiglin Leaving Likud Party In Lead Up to Israeli Elections

Moshe Feiglin said he is leaving the Likud Party after failing to secure a realistic spot on the candidates’ list for the March elections.

Scarlett Johansson To Star in Adaptation of Japanese Anime

Following the success of ‘Lucy,’ Scarlett Johansson looks ready to take on another action pic, this one coming from the world of Japanese anime.

The Danger of the 'Nice Jewish Guy'

The popular trope of the ‘Nice Jewish Guy’ perpetuates the dangerous myth that Jewish men are incapable of rape or sexual assault.