Trump Official Compares Miami Voters to Moody Housewives

He presumes men go out for the day and women stay home, wading in their own emotions.

Historic Titanic Survivor’s Kosher Deli Goes Under

The oldest deli in Manchester, England, named for the ill-fated liner because its founder survived the famous shipwreck, was recently forced to close its doors.

Amos Oz, Israel’s Greatest Writer, Delivers Another Masterpiece at Age 77

At 77, Amos Oz delivers “Judas” set in Jerusalem in 1959-60. It’s one of the most triumphant novels of a magnificent career.


Some of William F. Buckley Jr.’s Best Friends Were Jewish — Really

William F. Buckley Jr., the acerbic late founder of National Review and host of “Firing Line” could be the consummate gentleman — especially in his friendships with Jews.

Let ‘Loving’ and Its Jewish Lawyers Make You Feel Great About America Again

Jane Eisner went to the movies to escape the ugliness of today’s politics. Thanks to a strong couple helped by two Jewish lawyers, she found the inspiration she needed.

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