Excavating Lost Pre-War Klezmer Recordings

A new album presents 24 klezmer songs recorded in Europe before World War I. Until recently, nobody even imagined that these recordings existed.


Do You Want Me to Leave Orthodoxy? An Open Letter to the RCA

A 17-year-old writes a letter to those who would prohibit her from seeking ordination as an Orthodox woman.

Dutch Authorities Recommend Banning Kosher Slaughter

A recommendation by the agency’s risk assessment bureau cites pain and suffering caused to animals.

How I Rid Myself of the Evil Eye

All it takes is water, molten lead, a clove of garlic, salt, a twig and some Hebrew. That and a few shekels can rid you of the evil eye. Naomi Zeveloff subjects herself to the ancient tradition of Bleigiessen.


Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Incorporate Jewish Traditions in Nups

Actress Jamie Chung and actor-musician Bryan Greenberg married in a ceremony that incorporated “personal vows and Jewish traditions,” according to Martha Stewart Weddings.

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