How Did Nazi-Looted Art Wind Up in Israel — and What Can Be Done About It?

Nazi-looted art has been in the news from the movie ‘Woman in Gold’ to recent finds in museums worldwide. What happens when the stolen art turns up in — of all places — the Jewish State?


A Secret at the Paris Opera

In 1964, Eli Faber had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hear Maria Callas sing at the Paris Opera. But the mysterious woman sitting next to him made the evening even more memorable.

Rediscovering the Author Who Was Dismissed as a Stalinist Harpy

Elsa Triolet and her husband Louis Aragon have been dismissed as deluded devotees of the Communist Party, but their biographer Philippe Forest reveals a much more nuanced story.


Why An 1855 Jewish Conference Is Still Worth Conferring About

Once upon a time, a conference was a novelty, a big deal. Particularly back in 1855 when Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise issued a call for a national conference of Jewish leaders in Cleveland.

What Would a Ben & Jerry's Bernie Sanders Ice Cream Taste Like?

Do you know what Democratic Socialism tastes like? Do you want to find out?

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