'The Daily Show' Explains Why Donald Trump is Really Jewish

“The Daily Show” senior Jewish correspondent Adam Lowitt looks recounts the most awkward moments from the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Texas Synagogue Creates 16-Foot Lego Menorah

A congregation in Fort Worth, Texas, has broken an ‘unofficial wold record’ by building a 16-foot, 3-inch tall menorah out of nearly 50,000 Legos.

Borat is Back, Warns US and A of New Jewish Propaganda

World renowned Kazakhstani culture reporter and discotheque aficionado Borat Sagdiyev went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ to warn the world of yet another terrible Jewish propaganda movie by Sacha Baron Cohen.

Eight Lights to Keep Jewish Feminists Warm This Hanukkah

Rachel Rosenthal offers up eight anecdotes of Jewish feminism to warm your heart.

The Jews of Al-Jazeera

Founded in 1996, Al-Jazeera has been the target of some skepticism, particularly with regard to its coverage of Israel. But that hasn’t kept a number of Jewish journalists from working for the network.

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