Sammy Ghozlan

French Anti-Semitism Fighter Will Immigrate to Israel

Sammy Ghozlan, founder of France’s National Bureau for Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, announced he would immigrate to Israel, calling it “a message.”

James Palmer Gets Looted Art Back

James Palmer has built a career and a business helping Holocaust survivors reclaim art works stolen by the Nazis. But he’s also motivated by a passion for justice.

An Autobiography in 19 Bob Dylan Concerts

Can you tell someone’s life stories through the concerts they’ve seen? Adam Langer recounts four decades of his life through the 19 Bob Dylan gigs he saw.

In Jewish Studies, Women Remain ‘Second Sex’

Male Jewish studies academics still make more than their female counterparts. To solve this problem, Keren R. McGinity argues, it’s time for women to speak up and for men to ‘lean in.’

Arabs and Jews Share Israeli Pride — and Shaky Faith in Government

Both Jews and Arabs are proud to be Israeli, but neither has great faith in the government, an annual poll showed.