How Hasidism Bridges Boundary Between Christianity and Judaism

Can the boundary between Judaism and Christianity be crossed? Author Shaul Magid explains how it’s already happening — in Hasidism.


Anita Shapira Examines the Rise and Fall of David Ben-Gurion

Not another biography of David Ben-Gurion, you might say. Think again: Anita Shapira’s new biography is compact but powerful and timely, Jerome A. Chanes explains.


10 Unforgettable Pictures From the Lodz Ghetto

As ‘official’ photographer of the Lodz ghetto, Henrik Ross worked for the Nazis. Despite the collaboration, his camera also helped memory survive.


Tu B’Shvat Chocolate Bark

An easy, delicious dessert for Tu B’Shvat combines chocolate with fruits and nuts connected to the Land of Israel.


'The Simpsons' Go to Auschwitz

A controversial artist has drawn cartoon images of ‘The Simpsons’ at Auschwitz. He claims the goal is to raise awareness about the Holocaust. But Anna Goldenberg isn’t convinced.

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