Reinserting Women into the Holocaust Narrative

A new exhibit at the American Jewish Historical Society probes the uniquely harrowing — and heroic — stories of women during the Holocaust.

Benevolent Powerhouse: Rebecca Gratz was the FHBS’s first secretary.

How America's Oldest Jewish Charity Stays on No-Frills Path

For 195 years, the Female Hebrew Benevolent Society has been helping women. Here’s its recipe for success.

Food, Sex and Giving to Charity

Why do we give to charity or run in fundraising marathons? Science has some answers — and they start in the same part of the brain that triggers good feelings from eating and sex.

S. An-sky himself

Looking for S. An-sky’s Papers, I Found Historical Gems Lost to Decay

Amie Ferris-Rotman traveled to Kiev searching for S. An-sky’s papers. What she found was crumbling evidence of Jews at the cultural heart of the Russian Empire.

Down Under: In 2005, Hurricane Katrina destroyed more than 7 torah scrolls of the Congregation Beth Israel in New Orleans.

Of Mardi Gras, Britney Spears and 6 Other Things About Jewish Louisiana

Jews make up just .2% of Louisiana’s population. But the community boasts the first Mardi Gras king, a Hurricane Katrina hero and even a town named Kaplan.