A Smoked Fish Primer

With the help of Peter Shelsky, owner of Brooklyn’s Shelsky’s Appetizing, a Cliff’s Notes take on the world of Jewish fish.

WATCH: The Story of Brexit as Told by ‘Seinfeld’

Better than any history book, the Internet has made it its mission to tell the story of Brexit with ‘Seinfeld’ clips and they are hilarious.

Brooklyn Soup Kitchen to Serve Meals for the Hungry — on Fine Hollywood China

What does a Brooklyn soup kitchen have to do with the blockbuster movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn? They share a china pattern.

Chelsea Handler Reveals She Had Two Abortions at Age 16

Four days before the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that threatened the state’s abortion clinics, Chelsea Handler penned an essay explaining just how important Roe v. Wade was for her.


‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 4 Brings Deeper Issues — but Less Passion

Something feels muted in this season, which explores the crushing nature of guilt, loyalty and racial divide more intensely than any previous chapter.

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