Bernie Sanders Takes a Bite out of Bible With Attack on 'Usury'

On the campaign trail, Bernie Sanders cited The Bible to decry exorbitant credit card interest rates as “usury.” But, according to Aviya Kushner, Sanders’s Biblical reference is a little misleading.


Amy Schumer's New Boyfriend Has Already Won Us Over

The Forward’s favorite funny girl, Amy Schumer, has found love with someone other than Jennifer Lawrence and he looks like a winner!

The Secret Jewish History of Frederick Forsyth

The 77-year-old author of “The Day of the Jackal” and “The Odessa File” reflects on his storied career, his meeting with David Ben-Gurion and his memories of London’s fur district.


The Jewish Guy Who Invented Whipped Cream in a Can

There’s a few hours left to National Whipped Cream Day and boy, oh boy, do we have a good reason to celebrate.

Mel Gibson Will Be a Presenter at Golden Globes. Really, Hollywood?

Mel Gibson will be among the presenters during this Sunday’s star-studded 73rd Golden Globes Awards.

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