Is This an Anti-Semitic Sculpture or a Rorschach Test?

A prominent sculpture has been removed from Milwaukee’s lakefront after a blogger discovered anti-Semitic messages concealed in it. Is there more to the story than meets the eye — or less?


David Mamet's American Snoozefest

When he was running the CBS series “The Unit,” David Mamet had some rules for writing good drama. In his Al Pacino vehicle “China Doll,” he seems to violate just about every single one of them.


Why Not All Israeli Feminists Are Interested in Hanukkah Candles

On this side of the Atlantic, Women of the Wall’s fight to light Hanukkah Candles at the Kotel is making headlines, but Israeli women have other concerns.


Jewish Latinos Get National Public Radio Spotlight

There are these two worlds, the Jewish world and the Latino world, and we talk about them often like they’re two totally separate communities.


Following Shooting, Will We Take Clinic Violence Seriously?

As an abortion clinic escort, Ilana Flemming has witnessed the aggression and fear-mongering of anti-abortion activists. She argues it’s time for legislators, prosecutors, and courts to take clinic violence seriously.

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