A Brief History of Mikveh in the Ghettos

In the Nazi ghettos, women were often banned from using the mikveh and risked their lives finding alternatives. The Nazis also deliberately used the ritual baths to degrade the ghettos’ inhabitants.

Anatomy of the Murderers

Was Hitler mad? And how much support did he get from the German people? In a new essay collection, historian Richard J. Evans tackles some of the thorniest issues surrounding the Holocaust.


Republicans Likely To Back Israel — Even If Interests Clash

Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to support Israel when U.S. and Israeli interests diverge.


Samantha Power Won't Promise To Back Israel at United Nations

The United States would continue to “work closely” with Israel at the United Nations but would not count out advancing resolutions targeting Israel, Samantha Power said.


Foodie Schmooze Fest at 92nd Street Y

A panel of esteemed Jewish foodies get together at the 92nd Street Y for a talk entitled ‘Noshing in New York.’

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