'The Jewish Journey' Eyes 350 Years of Migrations to America

“The Jewish Journey: America,” a PBS documentary tracking the migrations over 350 years of Jews fleeing Latin America, czarist Russia, Nazi Germany and the Muslim world for these shores.

Israeli Activists Pitch Tents in Housing Protest

Dozens of Israeli social activists pitched tents in the coastal city of Tel Aviv on Sunday protesting about a housing shortage which is a key issue in campaigning for a March 17 election.

John Kerry Presses Case for Nuclear Deal WIth Iran

Secretary of State John Kerry pressed the case on Sunday for completing nuclear diplomacy with Iran despite Israeli opposition, saying the United States deserves the benefit of the doubt on getting a deal that would prevent any need for military action to curb Tehran’s atomic ambitions.


Benjamin Netanyahu Claims 'Historic' Mission To Scupper Iran Deal

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed to speak for ‘the entire Jewish people,’ as he departed for a planned speech to Congress against the backdrop a possible nuclear deal with Iran could damage his country’s broad alliance with the United States.


William Shatner Will Miss Leonard Nimoy Funeral

William Shatner cannot attend the funeral of his friend and “Star Trek” co-star Leonard Nimoy because of a prior commitment for a charity ball, the actor said on Twitter on Saturday.

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