A Grim New Woody Allen Film Debuts at Cannes

Borrowing a bit from Albert Camus, Woody Allen debuted ‘Irrational Man,’ his 46th film, at Cannes. A.J. Goldmann reports that it has brought some energy and a lot of nihilism to a festival that was off to a slow start.

Lunch With Ruth and Boaz

A simple Shavuot meal is inspired by characters from the Book of Ruth.

Putting the Dairy Back in Dessert

The holiday of Shavuot offers an avid baker a good excuse for putting dairy back into dessert.

Russian Sour Cream Coffee Cake

A moist, delicious dessert that’s perfect for Shavuot.

Gloria Steinem Heads to North Korea To Push Unification

With tears, songs and laughter, 30 women activists set off from Beijing on Tuesday on a controversial trip to North Korea, where they will cross the heavily fortified demilitarized zone (DMZ) to the South in a call for peace on the divided peninsula.