A Short History of The Viral Jewniverse

Jewish memes and parodies have rocked the Internet and pop culture since way back in ‘94 when Adam Sandler first came out with ‘The Hannukah Song.’ We’ve got the (abridged) history.

The Rosa Parks of Israeli Cemeteries

Susan Ahyed’s court battle began when the rabbi at her friend’s funeral told her to move back to the women’s section.

In Israel, Love is Not Love

“Love is love,” President Obama tweeted in response to the recent Supreme Court decision. But in Israel, love is not love because love is held hostage by archaic marriage and divorce laws.

Remembering Frank Kameny, the Moses of the LGBT Movement

A decade before Stonewall, Frank Kameny was picketing the White House. In honor of the 50th anniversary of the LGBT civil rights movement, Benjamin Ivry reminds us of his story.

A View From the Other Side: ‘The Bridge’ was nominated for an Oscar and received the Golden Globe for 1959’s best 
foreign film.

Looking Back at ‘The Bridge’ and Germany's Lost Generation

Berhard Wicki’s decades-old film, ‘The Bridge,’ portrays Germans as the heroes of World War II. Since it was released in 1959, it has vanished down the rabbit hole of moral neglect.