Emma Sulkowicz Carries Her Mattress to Graduation

Emma Sulkowicz graduated from Columbia University this week, and carried her mattress with her. The ceremony came less than a year after she started her protest of the administration’s response to her rape complaint.

Taste Testing 'Yogurt Culture' for Shavuot

A cookbook devoted to yogurt dishes offers a surprising variety of delicious recipes, perfect for Shavuot or any time.

Labneh With Tomatoes, Pesto and Tapenade

This yogurt-based dip from the new cookbook ‘Yogurt Culture’ is a perfect addition to a Shavuot meal.

Cold Yogurt Soup With Cucumber, Herbs and Rose Petals

A cookbook devoted to yogurt recipes offers myriad options for Shavuot meals, including this fresh, herbal soup with Persian flare.

David Letterman's Top 10 Jewish Moments

After over three decades of making us laugh, David Letterman’s last show is upon us. Here is our humble Top 10 best Jewish guests on the show through the years.