New Rape Culture Term ‘Stealthing’ Popularized By Forward 50 Winner

Brodsky, an honoree in the Forward 50, has shed new light on the “rape adjacent” practice with a new study published in a scholarly journal.

Could Judy Seigel Be The Next Posthumous Photo Phenom?

Historians deem Judy Seigel the “unsung heroine” of the alt photography world, influencing many authors and artists.

‘Transparent’ Creator Jill Soloway Comes Out As Trans And Genderqueer

Knowing that “Transparent” was created by a not-yet-out trans person, and not a cis one blithely enjoying cis privilege – does something change?

Freeing ‘Chained Women’ Starts With A Song: JWI and The Maccabeats Join Forces to End Get Abuse

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. But how often do we discuss what happens after the wedding?

What Is Our Greatest Holocaust Film Director Doing In North Korea?

Here and there, Lanzmann throws in a lecherous detail that might remind you of your dirty uncle.

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