3 Meatless Main Dishes for the Nine Days

These vegetarian recipes are simple to cook and satisfying enough to get you through the nine meatless days of the month of Av, as well as happily and healthily beyond.

Ratatouille With Baked Tofu

Not sure what to do with tofu? Substituting it for meat in this ratatouille dish makes for a delicious and filling vegetarian meal.

Bean Salad Over Couscous

This bean salad requires relatively little prep and cooking time, so it’s a perfect meatless meal for a weeknight.

Masha Leon and E.L. Doctorow in 2006
The New Joe? Chuck Schumer says he will vote to give Republicans veto power over President Obama's nuclear deal with Iran. Will that make him into a pariah for liberals like Joe Lieberman was for his support of the Iraq war?

Diners, Iran and Jews, with Chuck Schumer

MSNBC took Senator Chuck Schumer out for breakfast to talk about the Iran deal. But Jon Stewart points out that the choice of venue, a diner, was a rookie mistake.