David Letterman's Top 10 Jewish Moments

After over three decades of making us laugh, David Letterman’s last show is upon us. Here is our humble Top 10 best Jewish guests on the show through the years.

Natalie Portman Back With a Vengeance

Natalie Portman had all but disappeared from the frontlines of popular culture. But now she’s back with major roles looming and her directorial debut at the Cannes Film Festival.

Mystery Solved! Madonna Viral Instagram Pic Was Israeli Gay Party Ad

Sorry, Madonna fans, but the Material Girl’s provocative Instagram photo of a Jewish man and an Arab man about to lock lips isn’t quite what it seems.

A Jewish 'Ulysses' at the Cannes Film Festival

With a jury featuring the Coen Brothers and Jake Gyllenhaal, the Cannes Film Festival has a decidedly Jewish spin this year. A.J. Goldmann takes a look at one of the festival’s most intriguing Israeli films.

As Ethiopian Protests Continue, Where Do Women Fit In?

Ethiopians have roiled Israel with protests over racism since a video depicted police beating a black IDF soldier. Sarah Breger asks a prominent academic expert about the specific barriers Ethiopian women face.