Unearthing Hitler's Secret Stash of Booze

Willkommen, can we pour you a drink? We have a lovely Hitler cognac that will blitz your socks off!


Why Billy Wilder Called Jerry Lewis a Shmuck And Other Showbiz Tales

Jerry Lewis and Martin Scorsese reunited for a chat at the Museum of the Moving Image. Thea Glassman reports on Lewis’s perfectionism, his relationship with Charlie Chaplin and his status as a “Super-Jew.”


Is the Lower East Side Ready for the Apple-Cinnamon Bialy?

Kossar’s, the famed Lower East Side bialy joint, is revamping its look and adding a wide variety of bialy flavors and fixings to its menu.


Welcome to the Sexy Frum World of Orthodox Erotica

Most erotic fiction doesn’t come with an accompanying glossary of Yiddish terms. Unless, of course, you are Shosha Pearl and your sexy fantasy novels involve Orthodox Jews and halachically correct plot lines.


When Ben Bernanke Dealt With Questions About Jewish 'Horns'

Ben Bernanke dealt with prejudice as a Jew crowing up in South Carolina — including being asked if he had horns — according to his new memoir.

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