Larry Kramer

HBO's Larry Kramer Doc Isn't Just Good. It's Important.

“Larry Kramer In Love & Anger,” which premieres on HBO next week, is a ‘warts and all’ biography about one of the pioneers of AIDS activism.

Fruit of the Vine

No plant is mentioned more in the Tanach than the grape and its products, and the vine and its fruit are used metaphorically throughout its teachings.

How to Make Stuffed Grape Leaves

This recipe takes you step by step, from prepping your leaves to making a splendid stuffing to rolling your own like a pro.

The Taxonomy of the Jewish Casket

VIDEO: Jewish tradition says everyone is equal at the end. Martyna Starosta takes a fascinating look inside a casket factory that makes simple pine boxes and more elaborate coffins — and asks what they tell us about changing attitudes to life and death.

Pulpit Plus One: 'Unspoken Expectations'

‘Pulpit Plus One’ speaks with Hayley, the wife of a Modern Orthodox rabbi of a small Orthodox synagogue, about growing up Reform, being a pressured volunteer and worrying about congregants not liking your challah.