Theo Bikel and Masha Leon in 1994.

Remembering My Friend, Theo Bikel

Theodore Bikel, actor, activist, Yiddishist, and multi-lingual folksinger, died this week at the age of 91. Masha Leon, who knew him well, recalls almost 40 years of memories.

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On her son’s first birthday, Leah Koenig processes some of the trials of her pregnancy while celebrating the joy of watching her one-year-old relish his food.

The Life and Timeline of George Wein

90 years ago, George Wein was born to a Jewish family in Massachusetts. Two months ago, he received an honorary doctorate. Here is a brief guide to Wein’s remarkable life.

Remembering Theo Bikel, a Fighter to the End

Actor and showbiz star Theo Bikel who has died at the age of 91, was a fighter all his life. Benjamin Ivry remembers his starring Broadway roles and his struggles for social justice.

Why Donald Trump Is a 'Jewish Holiday Waiting to Happen'

Jon Stewart came back from vacation just in time to slam Donald Trump — and reveal his idea for a new Jewish holiday.