A Jewish 'Ulysses' at the Cannes Film Festival

With a jury featuring the Coen Brothers and Jake Gyllenhaal, the Cannes Film Festival has a decidedly Jewish spin this year. A.J. Goldmann takes a look at one of the festival’s most intriguing Israeli films.

As Ethiopian Protests Continue, Where Do Women Fit In?

Ethiopians have roiled Israel with protests over racism since a video depicted police beating a black IDF soldier. Sarah Breger asks a prominent academic expert about the specific barriers Ethiopian women face.

HomeLands: Building a Life Together

Kate Groob, an architect, met her data analyst hubby, Jason Groob, at a Shabbat dinner. The tell the Forward’s HomeLands series that they felt the most Jewish at their wedding.

Bagels for All — Appreciation or Appropriation?

The biblical Ruth broadened the definition of Jewishness. Yet in the popular imagination, Jews and Judaism are still reduced to the straight white male incarnation, writes Leigh Shulman.

New Mediterranean Mashup and All the Weekly Dish

The very latest news about restaurant openings and closings, chefs on the move and tasty events happening in the world of Jewish food.