The Official Jewish Presidential Debate Drinking Game

As you watch tonight’s debate, make sure you have a drink in hand for the Forward’s official debate drinking game.


The Dark Night of Louis CK

The CK of Louis CK stands for Székely — the family name that was passed down to him from his Hungarian Jewish forbears. But my connection to him is more significant than the shared religion of his Hungarian and my Lithuanian ancestors.


How Howard Zemsky Became New York’s Growth Czar

Howard Zemsky speaks out about his role in Empire State Development, his Jewish upbringing and his surprising salary.

Even 1,000 Years Ago, Jerusalem Was a Hotbed of Creativity and Conflict

The Metropolitan Museum’s new exhibit “Jerusalem 1000-1400” explores Jewish art in the Middle Ages, and reflects the region’s history of beauty and violence.

Why Josh Gondelman Is a Rising Star in Stand-Up Comedy

Josh Gondelman, a writer for “Last Week Tonight With John Oliver” talks about his Jewish background and his new album “Physical Whisper.”

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