I’m Orthodox — but I’ll Never Let My Kids Use ‘Secular’ as an Insult

I had to speak out when my daughter used ‘hilonit,’ the Hebrew word for secular, during a screaming match with her younger sister.


Billionaire Son of George Soros Living Up the Bachelor Lifestyle in the Hamptons

Summertime in the Hamptons is all fun and (model-filled) games for Alexander Soros, the son of billionaire philanthropist and Democratic donor, George Soros.

The Veg-O-Matic and 6 Other Great Moments in Ronco History

Mr. Microphone, the Veg-O-Matic, the Pocket Fisherman were among the wackiest inventions Jewish pitchman Ron Popeil brought to late-night TV. Here’s a look at a Magnificent 7 products from Ronco.

Kosher at the Convention

Much of Melania’s speech may not have been kosher, but at least some of the food was.

How Infomercial Guru Ron Popeil Brought Jewish Salesmanship to the Masses

With Ronco, Jewish entrepreneur Ron Popeil introduced America to the infomercial via Mr. Microphone, the Pocket Fisherman, the Veg-o-Matic and more. A new exhibit explores Popeil’s amazing gift for gadgetry.

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