Join Our Currently All-Male Panel, Please!

It’s no secret that there’s a dearth of women on panels in the Jewish world. Devorah Blachor imagines how organizers of such confabs can ‘avoid the guaranteed embarrassment of correctly being identified as a bunch of antediluvian blockheads.’

Jimmy Wales Talks Wikipedia and Neutrality in Israel

Jimmy Wales went to Israel to collect a prize for his role in the information revolution. The Wikipedia founder explains how he values neutrality — even in a place where there is little middle ground.

Natalie Portman Says Directing Debut Was Challenge

Natalie Portman said she had lots of support while directing her first film, about the childhood of Israeli intellectual Amos Oz, shown in Cannes.

Madonna Posts Pic of Jew and Arab Smooching

American pop star Madonna has angered supporters of Israel and the Palestinians by posting on Instagram a photo of a Palestinian and a Jew about to kiss.

50 Experiments With Tahini

After discovering a mystery item in an otherwise typical Israeli breakfast, the author turns her kitchen into a laboratory of tahini exploration.