Our Free Speech Moment

    EDITORIAL: The Jewish community, here and in Israel, is having a free speech moment. In a world as connected as ours, we cannot let censorship prevail, even if we disagree with some opinions.

    Finding Your Way in the New Forward.com

    Here’s how to find everything you love in the newly redesigned Forward.

    How To Make Kidney Donors Whole

    EDITORIAL: Donating a kidney is an extraordinary act of charity, but it’s also expensive and risky. That’s why we need to compensate those who undertake this life-saving kindness.

    A Forward for the Inquisitive Reader

    Welcome to the new Forward, designed for those who experience journalism digitally, who read and post and share, who watch and listen, who access stories from wherever we are.

    Iran Rumblings Show Need for Tough Nuclear Diplomacy

    EDITORIAL: Iran’s supreme leader may have been playing to hardliners when he talked away parts of the nuclear deal. His remarks only underline the diplomatic work that still needs to be done.