For the Iran Nuclear Deal, on Balance

    EDITORIAL: There are plenty of valid questions about the Iran nuclear deal. But the risks of allowing the deal to collapse far outweigh the dangers of trying to build a lasting settlement.

    Approaching a New Era for the Forward

    As we approach a new era in the Forward’s brand and history, here’s what it means for us.

    #147NotJustaNumber in Kenya

    EDITORIAL: The world joined together as one to denounce the terror attacks in Paris, and rightly so. Why haven’t we summoned the same moral outrage over the massacre in Kenya?

    In Indiana, We Have To Choose

    EDITORIAL: The uproar over Indiana’s new law is the latest example of Americans trying to strike a balance between religious values and civil rights. Sometimes, we have to choose.

    The Dilemma

    EDITORIAL: American Jews wondering how to reconcile liberal values with a new right-wing government in Israel shouldn’t walk away. Here are some alternatives.