Don't Lecture, Listen to Europe's Jews

    EDITORIAL: After terror attacks in France and now Denmark, some offer the same easy answer: Come to Israel. But shouldn’t we be listening to European Jews instead of lecturing them?

    Who Speaks for the Jews?

    EDITORIAL: Calling Benjamin Netanyahu a spokesman for the Jewish people is a convenient shorthand for some. But no one speaks for all of us — and that’s exactly how it should be.

    The Missing Voices in Mideast Policy Debate

    EDITORIAL: Many of the most distinguished scholars of Middle Eastern studies are women. So how come two-thirds of the panels at think tanks were all-male affairs?

    Vaccinators Vote: Republican presidential wannabe Chris Christie was forced into uncharacteristic silence after he suggested that parents should have a “right to choose” whether to protect their children from deadly diseases.

    The Vaccination Nation

    EDITORIAL: Is the fierce response to those who refuse to vaccinate their kids a hopeful sign that we are finally ready to put community first?

    Bibi's Bad Choice

    EDITORIAL: By siding with Republicans on Iran, Benjamin Netanyahu has not only harmed his ties with the White House. He’s forcing American Jews to make an unpalatable choice.