To Print, or Not To Print?

    This week, the Forward reprints an offensive cartoon of Naomi Chazan accompanying a story about attacks on the New Israel Fund, of which she is president.

    We Are What We Eat

    Sometimes, simply promising to follow the law of the land is a welcome step forward. In that spirit, the new ethical guidelines issued by the Rabbinical Council of America regarding kosher food production must be applauded, even with the understanding of what they are not.

    Commitment to Renewal

    The decision by the Jewish Federations of North America to move its annual meeting from Disney World to a city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina is welcome. So is the Federations’ new priority of broadening the talent pool of potential leaders, given the growing gender gap in Jewish communal life,

    Taking Hebrew Seriously

    Sadly, in America, too few Jews appreciate how essential that key is to communal survival. Hebrew literacy rates are abysmally low. The 2007 National Survey of American Jews found that only 28% claim to understand a simple Hebrew sentence. There is a generational uptick — younger Jews are more likely to understand that sentence than their grandparents. But that is mostly due to the growth of day school enrollment, and that is mostly concentrated in Orthodox communities.

    After the Earth Moved

    For American Jews who give generously to charity, there is often an inner struggle: How much should they support other Jews, and how much should they give to causes in the wider world? The response to the tragedy befalling Haiti demonstrates the wisdom of turning that binary dilemma from an “either/or” question to a “both/and” affirmation.