How Jewish Record Men Helped Chuck Berry Invent Rock ‘n’ Roll

Happy 90th birthday to Chuck Berry, the legendary rock pioneer whose career was launched in part by the famed Jewish immigrants, Leonard and Phil Chess.


Male Brain Only Fully Mature At 60

Until a man reaches 60, he’s really more like a “teenager” or a “boy,” and we all know how boys are.

Wikileaks Boss Compares Himself to Nazi Victims With ‘First They Came for Assange’ Campaign

On the Wikileaks online shop you can now buy T-Shirts emblazoned with a reference to a famous Holocaust poem — “First they came for Assange” — and a picture of Julian Assange.


UNESCO Sticks by Controversial Jerusalem Resolution Amid Mexico Flip-Flop

UNESCO’s executive board will revisit the recent resolution adopted on Jerusalem at the behest of the Mexican government, which seeks to change its vote. Mexico voted in favor of the resolution last week, but triggered a special clause allowing them to demand a recast vote in order to change its decision.


Florida Jews Could Tip Balance in the Ultimate Swing State — and Few Are Switching Sides

Zeev Libskin and Murray Roter, both in their 80s, made their way through the packed South Florida Expo Center until finally getting as close as possible to the stage.

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