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Chopped “Liver”

Photography © 2014 by Jim Franco

Pumpkin Bagels, Allergy-Free and Easy

Healthful, homemade pumpkin bagels are easier to make than you might think. Photographs by Liza Schoenfein

Cooking With Pumpkin, for Beginners

The arrival of pumpkin-flavored foods has always seemed to signify the true start of fall, and in recent years, the pumpkin trend has really kicked into gear. Forget about coffee and lattes; these days you can buy everything from pumpkin-flavored cream cheese to pumpkin-infused potato chips. And while these processed, commercialized products may not seem like the most wholesome of food options, real pumpkin does offer a fair amount of nutritional value. In its natural form, it’s low in calories and sugar, rich in Vitamin A and amply packed with beta-carotene.

Pittsburgh's Conflict Kitchen Lives Up to Its Name

Conflict Kitchen goes Palestinian. Screenshot from Conflict Kitchen

A Podcast for the ‘Artsy Foodie’ in You

The new radio half hour airs Sundays at 6 p.m. Photograph courtesy of Joshua David Stein