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A Mushroom-Goat Cheese Pie for National Pizza Day — or Shabbat Dinner

Cheesy, comforting, versatile and full of flavor, pizza is a food that’s impossible not to love. And today, February 9, we have even more reason to celebrate it: It’s National Pizza Day!

Gjelina Pizza Dough

We like a puffed-up, pillowy pizza crust with a charred surface and a tender, chewy crumb. A combination of fine-milled, low-gluten 00 Italian flour mixed with a higher-protein bread flour helps achieve this result. The dough is mixed and allowed to rise in bulk, and is coated with olive oil while being turned at 30-minute intervals, to help achieve the elasticity and strength needed to be pulled superthin. After 2 to 3 hours (depending on the ambient room temperature), we punch the dough down a final time and retard it in the walk-in fridge for a minimum of 24 hours. Then we divide it into 6½-ounce portions and allow a final rise before shaping the pies. We have found that a dough with some age has a more complex flavor, caramelizes to a more beautiful golden hue, and develops a crisper outer crust than a younger dough made under the same conditions.

Carnegie Deli Re-Opens for Business

This morning’s post on the Carnegie Deli’s Facebook page says it all: “We are over the moon that our doors have officially reopened! We look forward to welcoming back our family of employees, friends and loyal patrons.”

Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed, With a Jewish Twist

I’ll admit it: I have never been served breakfast in bed. My husband has cooked breakfast for me while I’m still in bed (pretending to still be asleep so I don’t spoil his surprise — honestly, who can stay sleeping with the smell of coffee and pancakes wafting into the room?). But as someone prone to clumsiness and spills, I have always preferred to eat my breakfast with my tush squarely on a chair and two feet planted on the floor. Perhaps for that reason, until recently, I had never made breakfast in bed for someone else either.

From Lingerie to ‘Luxury Candies’

Israeli-born Maayan Zilberman has made a career of smashing expectations.

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