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Eat, Drink & Think your way to the people, places, products and ideas that matter in the world of Jewish food. This is your daily destination for recipes, techniques, tips and trends, plus restaurant news, holiday menus and creative culinary ideas — all through a Jewish lens. From the classic to the iconoclastic; from traditional to modern, this is the place for the food forward to find out what’s relevant and delicious across the Jewish culinary landscape.

Recent Posts:

Small-Batch Vodka, Made in Brooklyn U.S.A.

Making vodka is a family affair for Gary Shokin and his daughters Kary Laskin (left) and Samantha Shokin (right).

Taste Testing ‘The Silver Platter’

This is an occasional column in which the writer evaluates a cookbook by making some of its recipes, sharing the dishes with friends and asking her guests what they think of the results. She recently cooked her way through “The Silver Platter: Simple to Spectacular Wholesome, Family-Friendly Recipes” by Daniella Silver With Tips & Techniques From Norene Gilletz (Artscroll/Mesorah Publications).

Snap Pea Salad With Basil-Mint Dressing

This gorgeous salad from “The Silver Platter” is refreshing, clean and simple. As an almost-all-green salad with very few ingredients, the unique cut on the sweet snap peas exposing the tiny green treasures hidden within makes it so elegant to present.

Wild Rice With Roasted Peppers & Candied Almonds

This dish, from “The Silver Platter” cookbook, is elegant, eye-catching and, most importantly, simple to make. When topped with crunchy candied almonds, this delicious side goes from ordinary to extraordinary.

Patriotic — and Jewish! — Frozen Hot Chocolate

On the 4th of July, which this year falls on the Sabbath, I plan to celebrate the Jewish role of Revolutionary-period chocolate in North America with a homemade, refreshing, frozen hot chocolate. I recommend that you do the same.