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Eat, Drink & Think your way to the people, places, products and ideas that matter in the world of Jewish food. This is your daily destination for recipes, techniques, tips and trends, plus restaurant news, holiday menus and creative culinary ideas — all through a Jewish lens. From the classic to the iconoclastic; from traditional to modern, this is the place for the food forward to find out what’s relevant and delicious across the Jewish culinary landscape.

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High Holiday Happenings and All the Weekly Dish

Holidays come early to Breads Bakery, which is offering its festive challah (above) and other Rosh Hashanah items starting Friday.

Barack Obama and the Ultimate Jewish Schmear Tactic

My interview with President Obama was as serious as you’d expect of a man who is professorially cerebral and gravitates toward long, thoughtful answers to complicated policy questions. Iran, Israel, domestic politics — all were on the agenda when I met with him in the Oval Office last Friday.

Granola Baked Apples for Rosh Hashanah Breakfast

Here’s the thing about baked apples: They are kind of a terrible dessert. While certainly delicious, the homey, Jewish grandmother-approved confection lacks a certain gravitas needed to convince very full people to make room for a few bites of something more. They just can’t compete with a lineup of pies, cookies and cake.

Making Your Own Kosher Dills

There’s nothing like crunching into a kosher dill pickle in the heat of the summer. If you’re a pickle fan, you probably know which local deli has the best ones and which restaurant routinely sets a bowl of them on the table, even before you’ve even ordered. But have you ever made your own?

A Ravishing Meatless Menu for Rosh Hashanah

This is an occasional column in which the writer evaluates a new cookbook by making some of its recipes, sharing the dishes with friends and asking her guests what they think of the results. She recently cooked her way through “The Seasonal Jewish Kitchen: A Fresh Take on Tradition,” by Amelia Saltsman.