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6 Kosher Wines To Sip This Seder

Kosher wine maker and collector Jeff Morgan says the kosher wine world is experiencing an “ongoing renaissance” — particularly in Israel and America and, to a lesser extent, in Europe. Here are his recommendations for exceptional bottles for the Seder table:

Six Kosher Wines To Drink Right Now


Israel's Newest Wineries Are at Home

Image: miriam kresh

Israel’s wine culture has never been that of Italy or France. For generations, wine was a weekly Shabbat treat. But many Israelis are starting to appreciate the gift of a quiet glassful at the end of the work day — and more and more they’re making this wine in their homes. It would be easy to assume that this trend is limited to young, secular Israelis taking part in the current obsession with maker culture but religious Jews are just as involved, buying grapes from nearby vineyards and making wine in their homes.

Say L'Chaim at a Walmart


Walmart is helping Americans get shickered this high holidays season. The multinational retail corporation will soon be distributing L’Chaim kosher vodka and wines in a number of their stores across the country The Drinks Report announced this week.

Israeli Wines Start a New Season

Image: flickr/stateofisrael

Misconceptions about Israeli wine that remain isolated to Manischewitz should only happen to those living in a vacuum. Israel is definitively part of the emerging new world winemaking scene. Making sun baked and ripe wines still constitute the majority of wines from the Holy Land, but from big companies on down, it is clear that some Israeli producers are looking the other way. They are now beginning to define their wines by freshness and restraint.

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