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Two Decadent New Year's Desserts

Passion fruit and white chocolate yogurt mousse. Photograph by Vared Guttman

Dark Chocolate and Chestnut Mont Blanc Dessert

To make this dessert a quick one, use a prepared chestnut spread (available online and, at this time of year, at some supermarkets) and store-bought meringue cookies. Photograph by Vared Guttman

Mixing Bowl: New Year's Edition

Image: Thinkstock

East-coast transplants are elevating the Bay Area bagel. [New York Times]

Bubbly Shabbos Cocktails

Image: Flickr Commons

“There’s always been kosher champagne,” says Aron Riter, founder of the Kosher Wine Society. “Well at least for the past 30 years,” he clarifies. But, kosher Prosecco, the north Italian interpretation of a sparkling white wine, has only come into light in the past five years, he adds. A more affordable and equally palatable alternative to the French Champagne, Prosecco is the perfect wine to mix into a sparkling cocktail or punch to celebrate this year’s Shabbat-New Years Eve duo.

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Share the Bounty