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Rozanne Gold's Tales of the Mayor's Kitchen

Before Rozanne Gold wrote 12 cookbooks, won four James Beard Awards, created the menus for three of New York?s three-star restaurants, inspired the New York Times? ?Minimalist? column and invented the concept of Hudson Valley Cuisine, she was the private chef to Mayor Ed Koch.

Mixing Bowl: 2nd Ave Deli Sued, Guss’ Pickles Returns, Defining 'Local'

A full menu — including corned beef bahn mi and beef bacon — for the New York City-based Kutcher’s restaurant (yes, like the resort in the Catskills), set to open this fall, is finally available. With Octavia’s Porch, Traif, Mile End and Sixth and Rye, Grubstreet wonders, “Is it time to officially declare ‘modern Jewish cuisine’ a trend?”

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