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Pumpkin Pie Alternative: Marta's Torta di Zucca

The recipe was adapted from Marta’s torta di zucca, a winter squash and olive oil cake by Chef Pat Clark. Photograph by Gayle L. Squires

Cooking as Catharsis


Stress-Relieving Pumpkin Challah

Photograph by Hillary Berkowitz Nussbaum

Bagel Stuffing for Thanksgiving

Photographs by Molly Yeh

Thanksgiving Leftovers Get a Shabbat Makeover

Image: Katherine Martinelli

With all the cooking that leads up to Thanksgiving — there turkey to prepare, cranberry sauce, all those pies and don’t forget the gravy — no one, not even the most dedicated cooks, wants to exert that energy all over again for Shabbat the following day. But plain leftovers, in the form of a turkey sandwich doesn’t quite seem fitting for Shabbat dinner either. Fortunately, Thanksgiving leftovers can be turned into a flavorful and special Shabbat meal.

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Share the Bounty