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Jews Argue Over Whisky

A recent addition to the American market, Monkey Shoulder is a blend of three single malts.

Getting to Know the Jewish Whisky Company

Photographs courtesy of the Jewish Whisky Company.

WhiskyFest Caves to the Jews

When WhiskyFest announced in 2011 that it would move to a weekend format, the Forward noted that it would be abandoning traditionally-observant Jews who made up a significant proportion of the attendees.

Giving a Fig for Fine Spirits

Dorit and David Nahmias of Nahmias et Fils

Image: Ezra Glinter

Dorit and David Nahmias of Nahmias et Fils

I’ve got an aunt who likes to tell me that being a movie critic must be the best job in the world. You get to watch movies all day and write about them. What could be better, right? Real life film critics might add a few caveats, like the low pay, job insecurity, fierce competition, long hours and constant struggle against obsolescence, but hey, point taken. There are perks.

No Whisky for Old Jews?

Image: wikicommons

When I first went to WhiskyFest New York two years ago I was astounded at how Jewish it was. Growing up in Britain, there had been whisky at Kiddush, but it was rough generic stuff, not for the connoisseur. I never saw the bottles, but it was more Manischewitz than Mouton Rothschild. At the 2010 event I saw Jews of all stripes sipping some of the finest malt whiskies available in the world. I felt surprised, vindicated, happy.

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Share the Bounty