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I Created a Jewish Dating App — Here’s Why I Decided to Try Matchmaking Offline, Too

There seems to be a need for a more personal touch when it comes to dating and introducing compatible singles to one another.

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Ethel Rosenberg’s Sons Return to White House With Plea for Clemency — 63 Years Later

The sons of Ethel Rosenberg famously journeyed to the White House in 1953 to deliver a plea for clemency for their mom after she was convicted of spying for the...


Anger Boils Over as Hillary Clinton Aides Accuse Donald Trump of Using Anti-Semitic ‘Dog Whistles’

Hillary Clinton campaign aides angrily accused their counterparts from Donald Trump’s team of fanning racism and using anti-Semitic “dog whistles” to win the pr...

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Keith Ellison Defends Controversial Taped Remarks on Israel as ‘Taken Out of Context’

Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., said an audio recording in which he said American foreign policy bows to Israeli interests was “taken out of context.”


WATCH: At Western Wall, One Woman Puts Another in a Chokehold

Some of the women were there to conduct their regular services celebrating the new month; others want to uphold the rules that prohibit audible female prayer. ...

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Starbucks Chief Howard Schultz Steps Down — Stock Plunges 3%

Starbucks Corp said Howard Schultz will be stepping down as chairman and chief executive officer of the coffEe chain, but will continue as executive chairman. ...


Are Jewish Poor Being Shamed After Death as Burial Groups Impose Cuts?

We often hear stories about how hard life was for Jews in Russia back in the day. Still, after they passed away, even poor Jews in the Russian Empire got to have gravestones. In America today, though, we can’t afford gravestones anymore — not for everyone. And, in fact, there are Jewish organizations that are preventing people from putting gravestones on their loved ones’ graves.

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Senate Votes 99-0 To Extend Iran Sanctions

The U.S. Senate passed a 10-year extension of sanctions against Iran on Thursday, sending the measure to the White House for President Barack Obama to sign into...

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Why is This Interview Different From All Other Interviews? With Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French

We asked Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French five questions that are very different from all other questions.

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Model Emily Ratajkowski Slams Erotic Photos of Her as ‘Violation’

One year before Emily Ratajkowski hit it big with her topless role in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” music video, she participated in a sultry photo shoot with ...


Jewish Women’s Group Celebrates 80 Years of Friendship

Celebrating eight decades of uninterrupted friendship and community.