Jewish students at UNC Greensboro

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

#T-155, overall score 31.5/100

Fun Fact:

Delta Chi Xi, the national dance fraternity, was founded at UNCG.

Why should Jewish students attend UNC-Greensboro? Although UNC-Greensboro may not have the largest Jewish population, UNCG Hillel provides students with a very close-knit Jewish community. Students can easily get involved in the Jewish community however they’d like —- and make an impact. There are ample resources to help students create programs to address student needs and interests. The greater Greensboro Jewish community is very supportive of Jewish campus life and provides numerous opportunities in which students can participate. — Ari Gauss, executive director, North Carolina Hillel


  • Acceptance rate: 74%
  • Student/faculty ratio: 18:1
  • Jewish Studies major: Yes
  • Israel Studies major: No


  • In-state tuition: $6,733
  • Out-of-state tuition: $21,595
  • Room & board costs: $8,252
  • Average annual scholarship/grant package: $8,532


  • Location: Greensboro, N.C.
  • Region: South
  • Public/Private: Public
  • Undergraduate enrollment: 15,951
  • Jewish undergraduate enrollment: 200
  • Jewish population share: 1%
  • Student origin: 94% in-state / 6% out-of-state
  • NCAA Division: I
  • NCAA team: Spartans

ISRAEL Score: 11/20

  • Score: 11/20
  • Size of Birthright trip: 5
  • School-approved study abroad program in Israel: Yes
  • Israel-related clubs: None
  • BDS resolution: Not introduced

JEWISH LIFE Score: 10.5/40

  • Score: 10.5/40
  • Hillel: UNC Greensboro Hillel
  • Chabad: Chabad Jewish Center-Greensboro
  • OU-JLIC: None
  • Meor: None
  • Jewish fraternities: None
  • Jewish sororities: None
  • Anti-Semitic incidents in 2016: 0
  • Can you get kosher food on the school meal plan?: No
  • Hillel Friday night services: 1
  • Average Shabbat attendance – Hillel: 15
  • Synagogues within 10 miles: 2 (2 Reform)
  • Eruv: No
  • Where do Jewish students come from? Roughly 80% of UNCG’s Jewish students are from North Carolina, with 20% from out-of-state.
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