Soda King: In 1952, Morris Kirsch of Kirsch Beverages invented the No-Cal beverages based on fruit-flavored sodas his father, Hyman, learned to make in Crimea where he was born. No-Cal was put out of business in the 1960s when the Coca-Cola Company and Pepsico introduced their own zero-calorie colas.

    Rumors Arise of Jewish Emancipation by Russian Czar

    Hitler has declared war against the Jewish people. In his proclamation announcing the war to the German people, he declared that “Jewish Democracy” is what forced the war on Germany.

    Mama’s Boy: Benny Leonard (left), Jewish son and unbeaten lightweight champion of the world, announced his retirement from boxing over the heartache the fighting caused his mother.

    The Beatles Take New York

    Thousands of girls besieged John F. Kennedy International Airport after discovering that the Beatles would be landing there. The group is in New York to play two concerts at the Forest Hills Stadium. Hundreds of girls had already appeared at the airport at 4 a.m., when the four boys with disheveled hair landed.

    The Voice of Uman: Native of Uman, Ukraine, violinist Eli Spivak, studied music in Paris and Manchester, England, before founding the Eli Spivak String Quartet, the first ensemble to give chamber music concerts over the new BBC network. Here he is in 1930.

    Hitler and Stalin Sign Pact Turning the Tide of War

    Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia have shocked the world by announcing that they have entered into a “nonaggression” pact in connection to a number of other treaties signed in secret by the two former enemies.

    Escape: A podiatrist during the day and famed escapologist at night, Dr. Aaron Weiss emulated his Jewish hero Harry Houdini’s act in front of stage, radio and television audiences.

    Riots Break Out After Bank Loses Money

    A wild riot took place last week on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, in front of Yarmulovsky’s Bank on East Broadway and Essex Street, after depositors discovered that the bank had no money for them.

    Cutie Cantor: Believed to be the youngest cantor in the world, 12 year old Kalmele Weitz arrived in New York City in July, 1928 from Posen, Germany. He had already been singing half his life.

    The Forverts Calls For Demonstration by New York City Socialists

    A Nazi war criminal, Hans-Walter Zech-Nenntwich, has turned himself in to West German police after escaping from a German prison. At the prison, he had been serving a four-year sentence for his participation in the destruction of the Jews of Pinsk.