Splash: Camp Kinder Ring on Sylvan Lake, New York was a beloved summer destination for Jews. Famous sculptor Chaim Gross (far right on dock) taught arts and crafts at the camp.

    Lower East Side Anarchist Declares Hunger Strike in Prison

    Rebecca Edelson, a well-known anarchist on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, has declared a hunger strike in prison, where she is serving a three-month stint after being arrested for refusing to stop giving a speech on a street corner.

    Bird’s Eye View: Built by the Zeppelin company, the USS Los Angeles was an airship given as World War I reparation to the United States by Germany. The Allies permitted the U.S. to have the airship for commercial and experimental uses only. Seen here in 1930 flight over Lower Manhattan.

    Shady Lower East Side Salesman Takes Advantage of Young Women

    A report has arrived from Beirut, Syria, that there are four ships wandering around the coastline of Palestine that, combined, contain more than 2,500 Jewish refugees and that are looking for a port to disembark.

    The Wait: Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, along with Mort Sobell (left), all accused of espionage, are transported back to prison as the jury deliberated on what was to be a final and fateful verdict for the Rosenbergs, who were eventually executed in New York.

    Palestine Jews on Lockdown Following Violence

    As a result of renewed disturbances, the British military powers in Palestine have halted transit for Jews in and out of Jerusalem and are investigating potential terrorist activity in the neighborhoods of Rechavia and Romema, and on Jaffa Road.

    Goal: Jewish star soccer player Erno Schwarcz was a member of Austria’s Hakoah Athletic club and went on to coach the United States men’s national soccer team ahead of the 1958 World Cup. Here he is pictured in 1926.

    Jewish Civil Rights Activists Killed in Mississippi

    The Mississippi Highway Patrol announced that the charred shell of the station wagon driven by the three young civil rights fighters has no traces of bullet holes or blood. The station wagon was driven by two Jewish students from New York, Mickey Schwerner and Andrew Goodman, along with James Chaney, an African American from Mississippi.

    Kaddish: Mourners at the graves of victims of the Kielce Pogrom in July 1946 carry a wreath from the American Joint Distribution Committee. Forty-two Jewish Holocaust survivors were murdered by a Polish mob after returning to their hometown. The pogrom crystalized the need for emigration and over 100,000 Jews left Poland.

    Brooklyn Nags Breathe a Sigh of Relief at 'King of the Horse Poisoners' Capture

    Hyman Edelstein, the dubbed “King of the Horse Poisoners,” was arraigned in a Brooklyn courtroom for extortion and threats to poison local nags.