January 29, 2010

    Fourteen-year-old Morris Ripkin of 170 Allen Street in New York City, a student at P.S. 35, was arrested and taken into custody after he pulled a revolver on the school’s principal, Emma Sylvester. The principal testified in court that Ripkin was frequently in trouble and hated Sylvester because she used to punish him. Ripkin walked into her office and pulled a revolver, telling her that he’d shoot her if she didn’t let him do what he wanted. Sylvester then called a policeman, who took away the 14-year-old’s gun but did not arrest him, because, according to Sylvester, he didn’t feel like it. Later on, authorities apprehended Ripkin.

    January 22, 2010

    100 Years Ago in the forward: Numerous spies have infiltrated the ranks of the Bund in the major Jewish areas of the Russian Empire and are causing great difficulties for its operations.

    January 15, 2010

    100 Years Ago In the Forward: It was “he-said, she-said” as the case of Mr. and Mrs. Levine was heard before Judge Whitney in the New York Supreme Court. “You’re a dog and a monster,” was among the printable terms of approbation that Mr. Levine, a lawyer who defended himself, frequently heard from his wife as she claimed that he was the one constantly abusing her, both verbally and physically. But his major issue wasn’t his wife’s cursing, it was her family. Apparently, Mrs. Levine’s parents and 12 siblings could be found all about the Levine household at various hours of the day and night. Fed up, Mr. Levine finally had the police escort them out. But it was Mrs. Levine who had an ace in the hole when a Bronx landlord, Frederick Marx, took the stand and told the court that Mr. Levine had recently rented an apartment for “his wife,” who turned out to be not the Mrs. Levine in the courtroom, but some other lady entirely.

    January 8, 2010

    100 Years Ago in the forward: More information on “King of the Pimps” Samuel Rogoff has come to light after his recent arrest. Rogoff, who is known on the street as “Sam the Painter,” maintained dozens of apartments, mainly in the Harlem section of Manhattan, that served as brothels.

    January 1, 2010

    100 Years Ago in the Forward: Hyman Epstein, the former Brooklyn banker who two years ago absconded with more than $60,000 in depositors? money, has finally been arrested.