Winner: Herbert Lehman, the first Jewish governor of New York, celebrates his win for a fourth term on November 9, 1938, at the Democratic headquarters at the Chanin Building, in Manhattan.

    Jews Join Nation in Mourning Assasination of President John F. Kennedy

    The Synagogue Council of America called for prayers to memorialize President John F. Kennedy in 1963. Fifty years earlier, blood libel rumors spread in the Old Country.

    Mendel Beilis Cleared in Ukraine Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Trial

    Factory worker Mendel Beilis was cleared after a Ukraine trial blood libel murder trial a century ago. In 1938, pogroms spread across Germany and Austria.

    Red Flight: (Left to right) William Shatoff, Bill Haywood and George Andreytchine, members of the International Workers of the World union, fled the US to Moscow in the 1920s. They were avoiding prison under the ?espionage act? for supposedly agitating against involvement in World War I.

    Brooklyn Macaroni Maker Shoots Jewish Tailor in Hypnotism Spat

    A Jewish tailor was shot and wounded by a macaroni maker. In 1938, mass hysteria breaks out over H.G. Wells’ ‘War of the Worlds.’

    1960s: Richard Tucker, the acclaimed Metropolitan Opera star and cantor, regales an audience of Yiddish fans at WEVD, the Forverts?s radio studio in New York City.

    Sensation Rocks the Leo Frank Murder Trial

    A would-be witness in the Leo Frank murder trial claimed he was wrongly accused. As the Nazi takeover gathered pace, American Christians pleaded for action.

    Let Freedom Ring: Eleanor Roosevelt (center) was one of the founders of Freedom House, an anti-Axis gathering place in New York City, which broadcast radio shows to peoples of occupied countries, a point of interest for Forverts readers. Here, she is pictured at Freedom House reception with journalists Herbert Agar (second from right) and Dorothy Thompson (right).

    Wayward Husband Returns to Kill Ex-Wife in Shocking Murder-Suicide

    Morris Rosenthal fell in love with another woman, and left his wife, Bessie, and kids to move in with his new love. When that didn’t work out he returned, bent on violence