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Trump Pentagon Pick Gen. James Mattis Accused Israel of Heading to ‘Apartheid’

WASHINGTON (JTA) — President-elect Donald Trump said he would nominate as defense secretary Gen. James Mattis, a pick that has already stirred controversy among...

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IDF Chief Rabbi Sorry for Remarks Justifying Wartime Rape

(JTA) – Eyal Karim, the rabbi whose appointment as the chief chaplain of the Israeli army was suspended over his remarks on raping women, was sworn in to the po...


EXCLUSIVE: Tony-Winning Playwright Richard Greenberg Talks Baseball, Movies, Ferrante and Obscurity

Tony Award-winning playwright Richard Greenberg has a freewheeling conversation about baseball, movies, anonymity and finding his theater on a terrorist hit lis...


Forward Looking Back

Remembering Charles Lindbergh’s Nazi sympathies is chilling.


What I Learned About Being Jewish and Chinese on My Birthright Trip to Israel — and to Taiwan

Growing up half-Jewish and half-Chinese, Alfred Miller felt that he didn’t belong among his own people. Then he went on two very different ‘Birthright’ trips. ...


Would You Try This 220-Year-Old Canadian Jewish Beer?

The brew is based on a handwritten recipe from the 1790s that was made by a prominent Jewish family that had a brewery.


ADL Says Keith Ellison’s Taped Comments on Israel ‘Disqualify’ Him From Democratic Post

In a 2010 recording, Ellison is heard saying American policy in the Middle East is “governed” by Israel


Sofiya Romm’s Journey From Russia to a Barely Findable American Grave

“We get $800 per month. With rent and everything, to save $10,000 is pretty hard,” said Romm’s daughter-in-law, Vera Romm. “The Jewish community paid for the fu...


I Created a Jewish Dating App — Here’s Why I Decided to Try Matchmaking Offline, Too

There seems to be a need for a more personal touch when it comes to dating and introducing compatible singles to one another.

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Ethel Rosenberg’s Sons Return to White House With Plea for Clemency — 63 Years Later

The sons of Ethel Rosenberg famously journeyed to the White House in 1953 to deliver a plea for clemency for their mom after she was convicted of spying for the...


Anger Boils Over as Hillary Clinton Aides Accuse Donald Trump of Using Anti-Semitic ‘Dog Whistles’

Hillary Clinton campaign aides angrily accused their counterparts from Donald Trump’s team of fanning racism and using anti-Semitic “dog whistles” to win the pr...