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New York State Puts 13 Firms on Anti-BDS Blacklist

New York state has released a blacklist of 13 foreign companies that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, or BDS, movement against Israel.


Why One Holocaust Survivors’ Granddaughter Rejects Proposed Muslim Registry

My grandfather did not want his name on lists or registries because too many people he had known whose names appeared on lists were lists of the dead.


Boston Jewish Federation Chief Gets $1.3M Retirement Windfall

Boston’s Jewish federation gave its longtime president a $1.3 million payout, new tax filings show.


Donald Trump’s Israel Adviser Pledges To Stonewall J Street

David Friedman, a top adviser to President-elect Trump on Israel, pledged Sunday not to meet the dovish group J Street if he is appointed U.S. ambassador to Isr...


Who Makes NYC’s Best Latkes?

Top Big Apple chefs are competing to see who will reign as the new latke king or queen if the city.


Russ & Daughters’ Aussie Cousin?

A new Sydney eatery named for the owner’s grandmother will offer Jewish classics such as matzo-ball soup and latkes.


That Time I Spoke at the Knesset — and Israeli Lawmakers Seemed to Listen

Israelis don’t have to share American Jews’ anxiety over a Trump presidency, but some are acknowledging it, as Jane Eisner found out.


Did My Fellow Austrians Just Stop the Surge of Far Right Populism in Europe?

In a year that saw the success of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump, Austria just proved that standing up for open mindedness and progressive ideas can wo...


Writers of ‘Vagina Monologues,’ ‘The Vibrator Play’ to Feature in D.C. Theater’s American History Cycle

How will the playwright behind “The Vagina Monologues” handle American political history?

The Assimilator

When Donald Trump Served First Ever Kosher Meal at Mar-a-Lago

Columnist Masha Leon recalls the time Donald Trump was honored by the UJA — and the first time he served a kosher meal at Mar-a-Lago.


Why We Shouldn’t Criticize Bob Dylan’s Nobel Prize Snubs

Harold Pinter, Doris Lessing and Elfriede Jelinek didn’t show up for their Nobel Prize ceremonies. So why’s everyone acting like Bob Dylan killed somebody?