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It’s Time for the Jews to Stand Up for Themselves Instead of the Left or the Right

I have been politically active for over 60 years and have never seen Jews so detached from their own reality.


On Social Media, Readers Slam Forward for Ivanka Kugel Post

The Forward is getting slammed on social media for posting a story about Ivanka Trump’s kugel.


CNN’s Jeff Zucker Accused of Media Bias by Republican Campaign Operatives

Zucker responded to the complaints with his own invective, asserting that his network treated all the candidates equally and said that Trump got more coverage b...


Holocaust Survivors and Descendants Slam Steve Bannon and ‘Alt-Right’ in Scathing Letter to Donald Trump

We ask you, Mr. Trump, to stand up and speak out forcefully, using all the channels available to you, against the bigotry that divides us.


Ivanka Trump Sparks #Kugelgate by Grabbing Jamie Geller’s Broccoli Recipe

Ivanka Trump’s “family favorite” recipe for broccoli kugel is a word-for-word copy of an older recipe by a well-known Jewish cookbook author.


Republican Jews Embrace James Mattis as Defense Chief — Despite Israel ‘Apartheid’ Remarks

Republican Jewish group ignores Mattis’ comments warning that Israel’s settlement expansion could turn it into an apartheid state


How Should We Feel About Natalie Portman Getting a Christmas Tree?

Nervous assimilation-humor is a grand Jewish tradition. And yet.


British Jewish Student Activist Called a ‘Disgusting Kapo’ by Facebook Harassers

A candidate for president of the U.K.’s largest Jewish student organization is the target of social media harassment for his pro-Palestinian activism, the London Jewish Chronicle reported .

The Assimilator

Here’s How Israel Is Creatively Wooing Indian and Chinese Tourists

The Israeli government — keen to tap into a growing Asian middle class who are armed with passports and eager to explore the globe — has thrown its weight behin...


Cops Nab Brooklyn Hasidic Synagogue Coffee Room Crook

Police arrested a Brooklyn man for allegedly swiping a moneybox from a synagogue coffee room in Boro Park.

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Iran Owns 5% of German Firm Building Submarines for Israel

(JTA) — An Iranian state-owned firm has substantial shares in the  German shipping giant that is supplying the Israeli Navy with submarines, a newspaper in Isra...

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Donald Trump Considers New Sanctions on Iran

Donald Trump’s transition team is examining proposals for new non-nuclear sanctions on Iran, the Financial Times reported on Friday, citing congressional source...