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Why Donald Trump Makes Life So Difficult For His Translators

If you’re trying to translate Donald Trump’s speeches, you’re faced with a host of problems — such as, what to do when Trump says the word “great” 45 times?


Religious Right: Trump is ‘King Cyrus’ Freeing the Jews

Trump as “Cyrus,” President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as “Babylon,” the Jews as either modern-day Israelis or Americans? It’s n...


Educate and Encourage Newbie Activists. Don’t Shame Them for Tardiness.

The newly-enlightened don’t need medals or ‘cookies’ or whatever, but… isn’t now better than never?

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Soros: Trump Is a ‘Would-Be Dictator’ Destined to Fail

(JTA) — Billionaire George Soros called Donald Trump a “would-be dictator” who is “going to fail.” On the eve of Trump’s inauguration in Washington, Soros on Th...

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Israeli Minister: We’re Praying for ‘Serious, Courageous’ and Responsible President Trump

(JTA) – Yuval Steinitz, a senior Israeli cabinet minister, said Israel was “praying” that President-elect Donald Trump will be responsible, courageous and serio...

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Swedish Jews Boycott Holocaust Memorial Co-Organized by Nationalist Party

(JTA) — Dozens of Swedish Jews said they would skip a Holocaust commemoration event in the southern city of Gothernburg due to the involvement of a nationalist ...

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Trump: If Jared Kushner Can’t Broker Middle East Peace, Nobody Can

(JTA) — President-elect Donald Trump said that if his son-in-law Jared Kushner cannot produce peace in the Middle East, then “nobody can.” Trump referenced Kush...


How Art Spiegelman Is Paying Tribute to One of His Heroes

Art Spiegelman’s latest project “Si Lewen’s Parade” pays tribute to one of Spiegelman’s heroes who turned his back on the commercial art world.


A Yiddish Theater Boom, and More of The Forward Looking Back

“It is a mystery why Yiddish theater is so popular. Perhaps the current war has put us in a nervous and philosophical state.”


What a 12-Year-old Boy in Whitefish, Montana Taught a Rabbi

In the face of neo-Nazi hatred, Jewish children are willing to fight for their values.


5 Whiskies for Inauguration Weekend

Whether you are celebrating Donald Trump’s Scottish roots or drowning your sorrows at the thought of a teetotal president, here are five whiskies to affirm your...

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Ivanka Trump: I’m Not Going to Be First Lady

Ivanka Trump dismisses claims that she will eclipse stepmother Melania Trump.