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Expert on Hate Opposes Campus Anti-Semitism Bill — Based on Definition He Created

A controversial anti-Semitism bill speeding through Congress has a new critic: The expert who wrote the anti-Semitism definition on which the bill is based.


Was Polish Culture Institute Director Fired For Too Much ‘Jewish-Themed Content?’

The director of the Berlin branch of the Polish Culture Institute has been reportedly fired for presenting too much “Jewish-Themed content” The Polish Ministry ...

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Hillel Scores Record $38M Donation To Bolster Staff

(JTA) — Hillel International is receiving $38 million, its largest gift ever, from a foundation established by the co-founder of Home Depot. The Marcus Foundati...


Jewish Modesty: Not Just a Matter of Skirt Length

Instead of how long someone’s sleeves are, maybe we should think about the height of our heels.


We Can’t Make Healthcare Great Again Unless We Consider This Hidden Cost

Whether through ObamaCare or not, Americans cannot afford increasing premiums.


Polls Finds Almost Half of Jewish Israelis Think Left Is Traitorous Fifth Column

The poll’s other findings also contained ill portents for the Israeli left.


Swastika and ‘Praise Trump’ Graffiti Found on Manhattan Phone Booth

A woman notified police of the vandalism, when she noticed the vandalism on Sunday afternoon.


Al Gore: Ivanka Trump Is ‘Very Concerned’ About Climate Change

“It’s no secret that Ivanka Trump is very committed to having a climate policy that makes sense for our country and for our world and that was certainly evident in the conversation that I had with her,” the global warming activist and “Inconvenient Truth” star told MSNBC.


Sweepstakes: Have You Got a Story for Us?

Tell us the first sentence of your Jewish story, and you could be featured in a future article on!


Could Hebrew Be the World’s Oldest Alphabet?

A controversial new study suggests that ancient Israelites turned Egyptian hieroglyphics into letters.


The Major Jewish Holiday No One Discusses: Non-Celebration of Christmas

It wasn’t that I wasn’t allowed Christmas by my parents. It wasn’t in the category of things your parents forbid but that you sneak off and do when they’re not ...

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Sorry, Internet Trolls. Amy Schumer as Feminist ‘Barbie’ is Exactly What We Need Right Now.

Now, more than ever, Schumer is the perfect choice to play the iconic toy in this feminist reboot — and there’s a good chance that Ruth Handler, the creator of ...