Forward Highlight

When Orthodox and Evangelicals Align

The new Pew report on the Orthodox is (another) wake up call for American Jews. Jane Eisner asks if we can build a tolerant and vibrant community when the fastest-growing group of Jews is so demonstrably different from everyone else.


Hadar Goldin's Body Still a Pawn in Israel's Gaza Battle — Even a Year Later

Hadar Goldin was killed during Operation Protective Edge last year. Yet parts of the Israeli soldier’s body are still being held by Hamas — and the fight over them shows no sign of ending.

Long Time Rabbi:
 Avi Weiss has been with his Riverdale congregation for many decades, an example of a marathon rabbi.

Is Modern Orthodoxy Reaching Its Breaking Point?

With tensions increasing over the role of women and other issues, it may be time for the two branches of American Orthodoxy — ’Modern’ and ‘Open’ — to split, Yair Ettinger reports.


Tel Aviv Train Is Coming Despite Fears of Rats and 'Carmaggedon'

The idea of a train system for Tel Aviv predates the State of Israel. Now that the city has finally broken ground on the project, residents are consumed by worries about rats and gridlock.


Barack Obama Reaches Out to Jewish 'Family' on Iran and Israel

President Obama reached out to Jews as ‘family’ as he made a dramatic new appeal for support of the nuclear deal with Iran — and vowed to repair the damaged relationship with Israel.


Mahmoud Abbas Builds $13M Presidential Palace

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is reportedly having a $13-million luxurious presidential palace built near Ramallah despite his government facing a $2-billion deficit.