Forward Highlight

The New York Times Just Explained Why The Forward Matters So Much

It was with excitement but some trepidation last night that I began to read the online version of a [New York Times story] about The Forward.

Hamas Leader: We Won’t Recognize Israel, We’re Debating When To Wipe It Out

“Disarming us is like Satan dreaming of heaven. No one can take away our weapons.”

Israel Targets Syrian Army Post In Retaliatory Strike

Syria targeted Israeli fighter jets patrolling in Lebanon earlier this week, which led to Israel hitting a Syrian army outpost.

Houston’s Post-Hurricane Rebuilding Plan May Break Up Jewish Community

The city wants to buy out damaged homes and replace them with green space—but that may lead to the breakup of heavily-Jewish neighborhoods.

Columbia Probes Students Who Disrupted Far-Right Speaker

If the students are found to have violated rules on disrupting events, they could possibly be expelled.

Is Elena Kagan Dressing Down Gorsuch Behind The Supreme Court’s Closed Doors?

Somebody—very likely a Supreme Court Justice—is leaking to reporters that Kagan is fed up with her conservative counterpart.

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