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Israel Has Disappeared From the Presidential Campaign. Should We Care?

In a presidential campaign with an unprecedented number of pointed words and phrases living on as unpleasant hashtags — Loser. Crooked. Deplorables. Nasty woman. Build the wall. Putin’s puppet — Israel barely rates a mention.

Meet the Jewish Minds Behind the Chicago Cubs — and Cleveland Indians

The World Series this year is being fought between two franchises with long and painful histories: The Cleveland Indians have not won a championship since 1948, and the Chicago Cubs go all the way back to 1908 for their last crown. The latter hasn’t even been in the Fall Classic since 1945.

Mark Cuban Insists He’s Not Running for Anything — Does Anyone Believe Him?

Billionaire and reality TV star Mark Cuban is a ferocious proxy for Hillary Clinton, and kind of mirror image of Donald Trump. Will he also run for office as an outsider?

Tom Hayden, the ’60s Radical Who Maintained His Humanity

Tom Hayden, who died on Sunday, October 23, was one of the best of the change-makers who made The Sixties a transformative time, and who have kept going with verve and persistence through the half-century since.

Were Chabad Lulavs and Golems the Key to Cubs’ World Series Breakthrough?

After 70 seasons, the Chicago Cubs’ World Series appearance seems almost too improbable to believe; especially given the team’s long tradition of dramatic late-season collapses. But now that the team is actually favored to win the series against the Cleveland Indians—their first-game rout notwithstanding—it’s no surprise that fans are beginning to think of supernatural forces.

Down to the Dog Whistles, Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Rally Could Have Happened in Idaho

A few hundred American-Israelis and a smattering of evangelical Christians gathered in Jerusalem’s Old City to drum up support for the Republican nominee at a critical moment in his flagging campaign.

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