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Should We Call It ‘Radical Islam’?

Should we attribute the Paris attacks to ‘radical Islam’? Or, Jane Eisner asks, should we describe them as the actions of extremist individuals, and avoid blaming a whole religion?

Benjamin Netanyahu's Tangled Relationship With Israel's Media

Critics say Benjamin Netanyahu is hitting the wrong note when it comes to the media, weakening press freedom and holding sway over TV broadcasters in a country that bills itself as the Middle East’s only true democracy.

Ezra Schwartz Mourned at Poignant Funeral in Hometown of Sharon

Ezra Schwartz, the American teenager killed by in a West Bank terror attack, was fondly remembered Sunday by a string of family and friends at his funeral in his hometown of Sharon, Massachusetts.


How I Snuck Onto Ferry To Interview Albert Einstein as He Arrived in America

Relativity at 100: an old Forverts interview with Einstein, as he rides the ferry across NY harbor.

How Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity Changed Our Universe

Brian Greene explains how the theory of relativity truly changed the way we understand our universe.

What Was Albert Einstein's True Relationship to Judaism — and Zionism?

On the 100th anniversary of the general theory of relativity, there’s still no name more synonymous with Jewish genius than Albert Einstein. Yet the iconic scientist had a surprisingly fraught and complex relationship with Judaism and Zionism.

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