Forward Highlight

Make Marriage Stronger for All

EDITORIAL : After the Supreme Court gave LGBT people the right to marry, Jane Eisner says it’s high time for liberals and conservatives to unite behind a pro-marriage agenda — for straight people, too.

Why Do Jewish Camps Erase the Green Line on Israel Maps?

As Jewish summer camp season begins, the ubiquitous maps of Israel are coming under unusual scrutiny. Some campers and leaders are questioning why the Green Line is erased — and what effect that has on children.

U.N. Report Shoots Down Israel's Exoneration of Troops in Gaza Beach Killings

One of the little-noticed findings of the U.N. commission on possible Gaza war crimes is the panel’s strong criticism of Israel’s move to close the books on its military’s killing of four Palestinian boys on a beach.

Druze Split Over Grisly Ambulance Attack in Golan Heights

Israeli Druze leaders have mostly condemned a grisly attack on an ambulance that killed a wounded Syrian. But in the picturesque villages of the Golan Heights, members of the secretive sect are boiling with anger at the civil war raging across the border — and want action.

Jewish Groups (Mostly) Celebrate SCOTUS Gay Marriage Decision

Jewish groups have been quick to celebrate the landmark Supreme Court decision making gay marriage legal in all 50 states. But despite the mostly positive vibe, some still have reservations.

					Moses at the Court House:
 Detail of the facade of the King's County Supreme Court, Brooklyn.

$20M Charity Embezzlement Case Shows Power of Rabbinic Courts

A Jewish rabbinical court ruled that an official swindled an Orthodox charity to the tune of $20 million. Prosecutors cited a dramatically smaller amount, but the case highlights the power of religious courts’ decisions in the secular legal world.