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Hillary Clinton Answers This Jewish Mother’s Prayer

Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at last night’s Democratic convention didn’t soar or astonish or frighten. Instead, it was remarkable because, for the very first time, we heard the voice of a woman nominee tell us how she would do the most powerful job on the planet.

Chandra Levy’s Mom Demands ‘Our Truth’ After Intern’s ‘Killer’ Is Cleared

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for Washington, D.C., dropped the charges against Ingmar Gaundique, the alleged killer of Chandra Levy.


Donald Trump Tweets Insults at ‘Little’ Michael Bloomberg as Billionaire Feud Heats Up

At a rally in Davenport, Iowa, on Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump said he wanted to “hit” several unnamed speakers at the Democratic National Convention “so hard” they would “never recover.”


Chelsea Clinton Trumpets Her Mom’s ‘Heart Full of Love’

Chelsea Clinton took the stage of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday to portray her mother Hillary Clinton as a loving, smart and playful woman qualified to be elected president of the United States.


Chelsea Clinton Plays Up Hillary’s Commitment to Women and Kids at DNC

Chelsea Clinton shared personal anecdotes about Hillary Clinton as a mother and emphasized her commitment to women and children’s issues in her Thursday night speech at the Democratic National Convention.

How Hillary Clinton Soothes Israel Backers at Convention — by Stressing Daylight With Barack Obama

For Israel, would a Hillary Clinton administration continue the tone set by Barack Obama? Or would she be a much warmer and closer friend to the Jewish state? It depends who and what you want to listen to at this Democratic convention

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