Loyal Enough?: Congressman Steve Israel has been accused of not being devoted enough to Israel.

Are American Jews Too Loyal — to the Democrats?

Tensions between the U.S. and Israel have boiled over before. J.J. Goldberg explains why it’s different when a liberal Democrat is the one in the White House.

Tarnished Golden Years: Elderly Jewish residents, their numbers dwindling, compain about newcomers at the Abe Cramer B’nai Brith Apartments in Harrisburg.

The Jewish Senior Homes That Aren’t (Anymore)

What happens when only a handful of Jews are left in senior homes built by B’nai B’rith? The struggle unfolding in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is part of a sad nationwide trend.

Hillary Clinton Set for Boost From Hollywood's Jewish Big Names

As Hillary Clinton launches her bid for the White House, Hollywood’s biggest Jewish names appear ready to deliver a far more unified front than in her 2008 run.

Still the One? Sen. Chuck Schumer is a strong supporter of Barack Obama, and was rewarded with a prime position at the president’s second inauguration.

Will Chuck Schumer Side With Republicans Over President Obama on Iran Nuclear Deal?

Chuck Schumer is suddenly in the hot seat on Iran. Will Jewish Democratic Senators keep backing a Republican bill that could scuttle President Obama’s nuclear deal?

Israel Plans Two-Pronged Attack To Thwart Iran Deal

Israel will adopt two lines of attack as it tries to thwart – or at least modify – the international nuclear agreement with Iran in the coming weeks, a senior official said.