Egalitarian New York Yeshiva Teaches Torah To Jews In Pews — Not Future Rabbis

NEW YORK — In the upstairs sanctuary of a Manhattan synagogue, a group of rabbis is studying Jewish texts on pluralism and community. One floor below, 22 students are sitting in pairs poring over the book of Exodus. The students spend all day, every weekday in the building, studying Jewish text and observing strict…

Welcome To The ‘Wall,’ Banksy Style

In Bethlehem, the revered birth town of Jesus, protest artist Banksy has unveiled a whole protest art hotel.

A Gaza Doctor Beloved By Jews And Arabs Is About To Take The IDF To Court For Killing His Daughters

He was the beloved doctor of both Palestinians and Israeli Jews, the one who brought their children into the world. But now, Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish is coming to a fateful moment in the long, drawn-out process of his lawsuit against the Israeli government for the Israeli army’s killing of his three daughters and a niece, and the severe wounding of another daughter during Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s 2009 military offensive in Gaza.

Meet Rod Rosenstein, Likely Investigator Of Trump’s Russian Connections

Rod Rosenstein is the least partisan figure President Trump has appointed for any position, and the longest serving U.S. attorney.

What You Need To Know About The Bizarre JCC Bomb Threat Arrest

Everything about the arrest in the JCC bomb threats today is weird and confusing. We’ve tried to straighten it out.

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