9 Facts: Who Are the Jews of Brazil

9 things to know about the Jews of Brazil:

After Wavering for a While, Joe Lieberman Endorses Clinton, Citing Personal Ties

Former U.S. senator Joe Lieberman will vote for Hillary Clinton in November, citing their relationship and her efforts to promote bipartisanship.


Meet the Gazan, the German and 4 Other Athletes Representing Palestine in Rio

This year, the Rio Olympics marks 20 years since Palestinians first participated in the international games in Atlanta. With six athletes competing in swimming, running, dressage (horse training), and judo (a martial art) this is the largest Palestinian delegation ever.


How The Alt-Right Manipulates the Data to ‘Prove’ the Existence of Race

One of the hallmarks of HBD blogs is the use of data and charts from genetics studies to “prove” their alt-right theories.


In Florida Congressional Primary, Sanders and Clinton Pick Proxy Fight

Despite an attempt to show party unity at the Democratic convention last month, the fight between Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton continues to rage, this time in Florida.

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