A Cherokee Passover Tale?

While researching the first Jew to die in the Revolutionary War, Paul Berger uncovered a strange and perhaps apocryphal tale. Was the signal to prevent Indian attacks called a Passover pole?

Barney Frank (left) talks with House Speaker Tip O’Neill at a fundraiser in 1982.

Did Barney Frank's Coming Out Kill Chance To Be First Jewish House Speaker?

Barney Frank speaks out about his experiences as a Jewish gay politician in his new memoir. Like when Tip O’Neill told him he could’ve been House Speaker if he stayed in the closet.

Tough Talks: John Kerry takes break from nuclear talks with Iran at a Swiss hotel.

Deal or No, Lifting Iran Sanctions May Be Easier Said Than Done

As talks over Iran’s nuclear program drag on, few are talking about the tangled web of sanctions against Tehran. The measures won’t be easy to lift even if everyone shakes hands in Switzerland.

Rabbi Shlomo Riskin's 'Obama Is Haman' Rant Reflects Growing Israeli Anger Over Iran

For years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has compared Iran to the biblical Persia, the ancient kingdom where the Jewish people were nearly annihilated through the evil designs of the arch-villain Haman.

Is Smoking Kosher for Passover — and What About Pot?

Smoking is one of those topics that ties rabbis up in knots, and marijuana just clouds the issue even more. And that’s before Passover gets added to the mix.