In Brooklyn and Vegas, Cruz Seeks To Grow His Jewish Base

Fresh off his massive victory in Wisconsin, Republican candidate Ted Cruz is seeking to consolidate his backing among Orthodox Jews and expand support from other major Jewish donors by meeting with voters in both Brooklyn and Las Vegas, just in time for the New York primary coming up on April 19.


Elected Officials Allow Hasidic Schools to Break the Law, Advocates Say

In fiery speeches on the steps of New York City Hall, advocates for secular education in ultra-Orthodox yeshivas accused city and state elected officials of allowing Hasidic communities to flout state education laws in exchange for political support.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey Leaves Marc Gafni’s Think Tank

Disgraced spiritual guru Marc Gafni has suffered another black eye as Whole Foods co-founder and CEO John Mackey has left the board of his vaunted think tank, The Forward has learned.

Transgender Jews Force Denominations to Change — Even Orthodox

Here’s a riddle: If a transgender Jew shows up at an Orthodox synagogue, on which side of the mechitzah barrier separating the sexes should the person be seated?

Orthodox Brooklyn Police Precinct Ensnared in FBI Corruption Probe

A federal corruption probe is drawing scrutiny to cozy relationships between well-connected Hasidim and the NYPD.

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