Meet the Jazz-Playing, Erotica-Writing Rabbi Who Planned a Synagogue Trip to Arafat’s Grave

A Conservative rabbi in Austin, Texas, has become the flashpoint of a controvery over a proposed congregational trip to Israel that would have included a visit to the grave of the late Palestinian leader Yasir Arafat.

Hasidic Rabbi’s Granddaughter Dies of Reported Overdose After Leaving Community

The granddaughter of one of Brooklyn’s most influential Hasidic rebbes died of a reported drug overdose early this week, according to an Israeli newspaper, sending the tight-knit Hasidic community into mourning, and raising alarms among advocates who warn of a crisis among young people on the margins of the ultra-Orthodox community.


Starbucks Chief Howard Schultz Backs Clinton — May Run Himself One Day

Some like their coffee black, some like it light. And now Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is officially going blue in the race for the White House.

Is Donald Trump’s Endorsement by 88 Retired Generals a Secret Neo-Nazi Code?

In a move to boost his national security credibility, Donald Trump released an endorsement letter signed by 88 retired military figures.


Minnesota Vikings Owner Thinks Big With New Stadium — and Blows a Big Horn

Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer stepped up to an 800-pound gjallarhorn and exhaled with all he had to launch the festivities that officially inaugurated the team’s $1.1 billion stadium.

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