‘Sauna Rabbi’ Emerges as Psychological Counselor in Westchester

A rabbi who made headlines for bringing young male congregants with him on trips the sauna has found a new job as a spiritual advisor in a health center in Westchester, New York.


Trump’s ‘Terror’ Travel Ban Applies to Christians and Jews, Too

In a way, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been true to his word that his “terror ban” is not just about keeping Muslims out of the country. He’s looking to keep out Christians and Jews, too.

Hikind Says He’ll Run Again, But Political Maneuverings Cast Doubt in Boro Park

Brooklyn’s most controversial Jewish state legislator has sparked a round of rumors about his political future after his surprising decision to pass his Democratic party position to a 22-year-old Hasidic activist.


‘Lost Tribe King’ To Bring Hundreds of African-Jewish Royals to Jerusalem for ‘Spiritual Pilgrimage’

A self-professed “Lost Tribe King” from Togo is promising to lead a mass pilgrimage to Jerusalem this fall.

WATCH: Aly Raisman’s Parents Were the Most Nervous People at the Olympics

Aly Raisman’s parents squirmed, hid and clutched their way through their daughter’s qualifying round on Sunday.

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