Ethiopian Protests Sign of Stubborn Racism in Israeli Society

Images of Israeli police firing stun grenades are usually set in the West Bank and involve Palestinian protesters. But on Sunday the situation was quite different - riot police battling thousands of Ethiopian Jews in the center of Tel Aviv.

How Orthodox Money Is Reshaping Republican Politics

Republicans are taking a growing interest in Orthodox Jews — not only as voters, but also as key funders. How will this new breed of religious activism shape national politics?

Samaritans Sacrifice Sheep in 'Hardcore' Passover Celebration

The Samaritans, who share many Jewish traditions, celebrated Passover with a sheep sacrifice atop Mount Gerizim, a West Bank hilltop outside of Nablus.

For the Defense: Abbe Lowell (right) accompanies ex-AIPAC official Steven Rosen from the courtroom in 2005.

Abbe Lowell Is on a Legal Mission

Abbe Lowell has elite inside the Beltway legal credentials. But he is also taking aim at government secrecy and standing up for unpopular whistleblowers.

Remembering: A new monument to so-called righteous gentiles will rise near the museum of Jewish history in Warsaw.

Warsaw Ghetto Memorial to Righteous Suffers New Setback as Design Is Tossed

A planned monument to Poland’s ‘Righteous Gentiles’ was already under fire for its location on the site of the Warsaw Ghetto. Now it’s hit another roadblock.