Marc Gafni Defends Return to Spotlight as Backlash Gathers Steam

Marc Gafni is back in the public eye with a splashy New York Times interview and big-name boosters for his think tank. But the onetime rabbi’s return to prominence has only sharpened the anger of critics who point to a long history of sexual improprieties.


2 Killed as New Year's Day Terror Strikes Tel Aviv

An Israeli Arab gunman opened fire on a bustling Tel Aviv bar on New Year’s Day, killing two. Police suspect the horrifying violence was a terror attack — but the gunman’s relatives insist he is mentally ill.


Hillary Clinton Complains in Email of 'Unbelievable' Airbrushing From Orthodox Papers

The U.S. State Department released another 5,000 pages of e-mails of former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.


Lawmaker Makes Video Plea for Non-Christians To Convert — on Taxpayer's Dime

A Wisconsin lawmaker has recorded a stunning video urging listeners to convert to Christianity. Jewish leaders are condemning Rep. Scott Allen’s holiday plea, which was recorded at a state-owned studio and sent to constituents via his official state email account.


Israel's Russians Show Pride by Openly Celebrating 'Novy God' on New Year's Eve

Russian Israelis have long celebrated their New Year’s Eve holiday quietly, because many Jews incorrectly think it is a Christian rite. But a new generation is promoting the tradition as a way of promoting their heritage.

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