EXPLAINED: The Disturbing Back Story Behind Donald Trump’s Jew-Free Holocaust Statement

Additional information about the White House’s Holocaust Remembrance Day statement continues to dribble out more than a week after the message, which omitted any mention of the event’s Jewish victims, was delivered by President Donald Trump.

Richard Spencer: By My Definition, Jews Aren’t ‘European,’ or ‘White’

Spencer also criticized Jews for promoting civil rights and multiculturalism in the U.S., while defending Israel, which he called a “Jewish ethnostate.”


If Trump Kills the Johnson Amendment, Chaos Could Follow for Charities

President Donald Trump’s pledge to “totally destroy the Johnson Amendment” could wreak legal havoc among not-for-profits.


Trump Takes Prostate Meds for Hair Growth, and More From the First Doctor

President Donald Trump takes prostate medication to promote hair growth, changes the paper on the examining table himself and other tidbits from First Doctor Harold Bornstein.


Ralph Lauren CEO Leaves After Less Than Two Years

On your next shopping trip you may notice a change in Ralph Lauren’s brand—or perhaps a reversion to the old Ralph Lauren look.

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