Who Are the Kaifeng Jews — and Why Is China ‘Cracking Down’ on Them?

Who are the Kaifeng Jews? Is the Chinese government “cracking down” on them?

Jewish Football Star Chose Catholic School for Love of Game — and Faith

Burik, who was raised as a Reform Jew, with a Jewish mother and Catholic father, chose St. Ignatius College Prep’s team instead of the fourth-best public school in Illinois, Whitney Young, because of St. Ignatius’ “faith-based learning.”


Why Bukharian Jews Are Already Missing Uzbekistan’s Late Strongman Islam Karimov

Driving through this dusty desert city of many ornate and ancient mosques, Shirin Yakubov recalls the ruthlessness of her country’s recently deceased president of 25 years.

Jews Are Warmly Embraced In War-Torn Congo of All Places — but Why?

Jews, like any minority, have a knack for finding other Jews seemingly anywhere they go. But there’s one country where they may find comfort in unexpected brethren: the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Meet the Cat-Loving, Smart-Ass Brooklyn Artist Who ‘Sits With Kaepernick’

A Jewish Brooklyn artist has plastered the borough with “I Sit With Kaepernick” posters backing the now-famous protest of football superstar Colin Kaepernick.

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