Does Rabbinic Key Card Ruling Mean Shabbat Has ‘Lost the Fight Against Technology’?

Consider the key card: a piece of plastic no bigger than a business card, flimsy and seemingly innocent. And yet it’s also possibly the trigger to a cascade of changes that could transform the experience of the Sabbath by making a bevy of other devices, from iPads to stoves to cars, permissible on the traditionally low-tech day of rest.


Israel’s Top Rabbinical Court Upholds Rejection of Rabbi Who Sponsored Ivanka Trump’s Conversion

Israel’s supreme rabbinical court rejected Wednesday a conversion by a prominent American rabbi who sponsored Ivanka Trump’s conversion to Judaism, reaffirming a widely criticized ruling by a lower court.


A ‘Need to Rebel’ Led Her #OffTheDerech — and Into Bushwick

Stephanie Guedalia’s wake-up call came several years ago on Simchat Torah, in the early fall, when Jews celebrate the end of a full year of Torah readings, and start a new cycle. She was studying at a Modern Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem after high school, and decided to go to a talk given by a rabbi from Orayta, a yeshiva that admits students who are struggling with their faith.


David Duke Touts Himself as ‘Better’ Vice President Pick for Donald Trump

White supremacist leader David Duke blasted Newt Gingrich, saying he would be “a better pick” than the former Republican House speaker whom Donald Trump is considering as running mate.


Donald Trump Wins Surprising Jewish Fan Club — Among Russian Immigrants

At a senior center in South Brooklyn, the old Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet bloc can’t wait to vote for Donald Trump.

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